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    I bought the tlc x several months ago and have used on and off . I used it for 2 months regularly. I stopped mainly because I have a bad "turkey neck" about a 1/4 of actually shaft skin on the under side of my penis before my ball skin. Is there and way to wear a device and stretch that skin or is the only way by manual tugging? I find myself lacking time to manual tug since i have 3 small children and rarely am able to find much time to myself between that and work. Any advice would be appreciated. I stopped and I am now trying to start this again. First time on the forum here.

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    Manual is THE way to get the skin on the underside to grow for just the reason you describe. You can do both. Persistence is they key. Don't give up. Do some manual every time you go to.the bathroom. A couple minutes here and there add up. Do some manual in bed, in the shower, be creative with your time. You almost have to be obsessed with this to get results. As you gain skin that turkey neck will recede. This may take you a full year to get where you need to be. One thing is for sure. NOT tugging does NOTHING. KOT!