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Hair Near The Scar Line and Restoring with DTR

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  • Hair Near The Scar Line and Restoring with DTR

    So basically I have hair very near the scarline on the left and right side of my penis... and a hair that grows almost on the scarline on the bottom side.
    My question is, what will happen as I tug with the DTR?

    I've been using the DTR since 11OCT16
    I can tell that my skin has gotten looser and looser, I've noticed even some gains...
    But I worry that as I restore since I've got these ****ing hairs near the scarline that even if I grow skin it will be gross.

    It's really demoralizing sometimes in the sense that I believe restoring won't resolve me having a "smooth penis" how it was supposed to be and even how most guys have, I totally feel maimed sometimes.

    The question is, what will happen to the hair as I keep restoring with my DTR? The idea of hair going the fold is so disgusting... do I just pluck them until one day they vanish?
    I believe that I am a CI-2 by now, or at least flaccid I can over 1/2 of my glans in coverage. Any tips?