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    here is Mel, a german guy trying hard to gain back that piece of skin. you see my penis in flaccid state on the pic, im gently pulling the skin here to show how much of it can cover the glans. the pic is 2 years old btw. ill try to upload a current pic asap. i ve been restoring, on and off for for about 6 years now.for the most of that time i've used the tlc cone with a tlc packer. i had started with a 4 mm. tlc packer and now using 16mm. In the last 2 winters ive also used a keylace that i wrapped around my left or right knee(interchangeably in weekly intervals) to apply bidirectional tension, cause the improvements in the first 4 years was minimal, considering i was wearing the cone+packer everyday.btw i dont do the keylace thing in summer cause its not very comfortable and i dont want people to see a keylace wrapped around my knee. nonetheless, that helped grow the foreskin a bit but i feel like its stagnating again. i do it 5 days a week and only during the day. because at nights its very uncomfortable,with or without keylace, probably due to the occasional erections. also as you can see on the pic the skin has grown unevenly. especially when i pull the skin on both sides the difference is dramatic. one side just covers the glans and goes a few milimeters further and the other goes more than 1 cm beyond the glans.

    Now my questions:

    is there anything i should change, do differently or do additionally? hand methods or some other manual devices? also what could i do to be able to restore at nights without getting rid of it half asleep due to pain and in summer without having to avoid shorts?

    what could i do about the unevenness?

    thanks in advance!


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    Changing your method around will tension different areas. I have a regular TLC, and X model and a DTR. Don't count out manual methods either. Manual is very effective because you have minimal skin not under tension. Supplement your device work with manual whenever you can. Devices by their very nature trap a lot of skin and that skin does not get much tension if any at all. Taking a 2 or 3 week break occasionally helps too. Your skin gets so worked from daily restoring that it simply stops responding and needs a good long rest to recover. I have had some of my greatest gains 2 weeks after a long break. Manual is also the go to method for targeting unevenness. KOT!


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      I have found that the amount of tension is the most important factor by far. Just a little less tension and my progress falls way off. Note that I am NOT saying high tension is better. Instead, I am saying there is (for me at least) and optimal level of tension that must be used.

      When I started, I had many long periods of little growth. But I also had periods of good growth. Once I figured out what the optimal level of tension was for me to grow skin, my progress has been consistent and good.

      My advice is to stick with what you are doing if that works well for you. But experiment with the amount of tension you use. You presumably know how much you use now, but if not, or if you have varied it and not been to careful to be consistent, first try the amount you use, but be as precise as you can and as consistent as you can. See how that goes a for a month or so. Then try another tension for a month or so and compare results. To do this effectively, you will need to be able to do 2 things: Keep tension reasonably consistent, and have some confidence that you can see progress over the time periods you use for this testing.

      It may take 6 months or so, but in the end, you will know what works for you.