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  • Hiya.

    Ello. Name is Jake.

    I want to start restoring, but well. I work near constantly. Around c1 so would just be starting. Would there be a good device to start out with for someone who is constantly on the move?

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    Welcome! You can start anytime. It does not have to take a lot of time, for example, my restoration takes about 15 minutes twice a day, basically while I am eating breakfast and dinner. Devices are not necessarily the best way to begin, most require more skin than it sounds like you have. Manual and cross taping are common methods to start with. Cross taping won't take you very far, think of it as a way to get started as you sort out if taping is the method you want to try.

    The way this works is by applying tension to your skin. The tension triggers cells to divide and/or stay in place, which results in more skin over time. Any way you do this will work.