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    I'm new here, and I started restoring 3 months ago, but stopped for some time until 1 week ago. I understand how restoration works, but I wanted to ask regarding the mucosal skin between the glans and the circumcision scar. It needs to get longer to cover the head, but I'm not sure how to stretch it, and it felt too sensitive to do the way I do shaft skin.

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    It "needs to get longer to cover the head" if that's your goal. Otherwise, what mucosa you have does just fine, or it did for me. While having mucosa cover the glans is possibly the ideal, ideals have a way of staying just out of reach. I also found focusing on mucosa just too uncomfortable to go on with. But here's the thing:

    1. The glans is not the most sensitive area of the penis. Not by a long shot. With coverage, ie any coverage, it will return to a certain level of sensitivity, but the glans does not have the neurons under its mucosa that are associated with high-level sensation. So, you have to ask, if just generic coverage will allow that small increase, do you have to have mucosa covering glans tissue? I found that answer to be, "no". I found that shaft skin did the job. Actually, some of the old inner mucosa did cover the corona when the temporary tube was rolled down, over the glans.

    2. What mucosa you have, from sulcus to scar (if you have this), will increase with much more noticeable sensation. You can still tug for more of it, but it is painful. Up to you, you know what you want, just make sure you know why you want it.


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      I also needed to grow more inner skin. What method are you using? I did not find it too sensitive. I essentially treated it the same as my outer skin. I applied t-tape strips at my scare line, so that one leg was extended onto my inner skin, and the other leg onto my outer skin. I used an insert to apply tension. That way the tension was easier to focus on and grow my inner skin. That worked well.

      Currently, I am using inflation, and the gripper grips both inner and outer. Again, works well, no issues with discomfort between the inner vs outer skin.

      I also dabbled with the pill tube method. Again, no issues with the inner skin being too sensitive.