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How well off am I starting out?

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  • How well off am I starting out?

    Retained for a year and a few months but stopped in july. If you combine all the time I'v done manual I'ts been about 3 months of dedicated tugging using a strap (TLC Tugger first device that comes to mind). My skin goes about 3/4 of the way over the glans when i masturbate. I can stretch it way past my glans flaccid, and when it is cold, my glans goes in the remaining foreskin and puckers up (ci-7 exactly softest, usually ci4-5 depending on the weather. Inner foreskin pulled back is about 1 3/4-2 inches. I am 7 3/4 by 6 (inches) if that makes any difference? I'm 19.

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    Erect pictures, and not mentioning where you started from, make it pretty much impossible for others to gauge your progress. I think that's why no one has commented up to this point.
    If you were a CI-1 or CI-2, which seems to be the most common starting point, then your written description suggests you've made good progress. Congrats. Keep it up!