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    Hey there -

    I'm 28 and looking into foreskin restoration. I ran across the idea several years ago. I noticed that sometimes - especially in the summer - my corona and glans get sore and sensitive and something about the idea of constantly having protection, not to mention the sexual benefits, has me excited about doing this.

    A few years ago, I started doing some manual tugging but it's hard to do that regularly so I attached a weight and wore it for a few weeks. Believe it or not, manul restoring and wearing a weight I feel like I did make some small progress. I think it seems like I have some extra loose skin from that.

    Due to life circumstances, this became something I didn't have time to do, but now I want to get back into it. This last week I came back to manual tugging and have tried to put in between 30 minutes and 2 hours a day. It's really difficult to find the time. I tried going back to wearing the weights, but I don't think there's enough tension control.

    Do you think a C-1.5 can pull of T-Taping or is manual the way to continue? T Tape seems the way to go, but looks very very time consuming - I haven't tried it yet, but manual tugging is beginning to cause minor soreness so I've had to slow down.

    Anyway glad to join this community - hoping to learn a lot here.

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    Way to go dude. You might try the canister method. Check out tlc tuggers website for details on this. If you can use a 35mm film canister, a CAT II Q device body fits atop it perfectly. This would make it a dual tension canister. I started with this method and it works great. When you no longer need the canister, you'll have a decent dual tension device to use all by itself.


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      I've never thought much about it, but "finding the time" is probably one of the minor skills that a restorer develops. The usual advice you'll get on forums is to make tugging just another part of your day, and of course that's good advice. I'm going to modify that a bit and say, make more parts of your day productive, as in here and there when possible. With manual, there are always small intervals of time when you can tug, certainly during an ordinary day. At home, at school or work, and back at home again. As one example, when in a public area, use a stall, not the urinal.

      It isn't the amount of time that your skin is under tension (tension as a stimulus falls off pretty quickly). It's cycles of strong enough tension. The duration of a cycle can be what you decide it is, from fitting in a number of brief tugs, to somewhat longer, more focused tugs when you have more time. Do enough of them and your skin will respond. That's the way it works.

      If you feel that living the rest of your life is just as important as tugging, then you have a healthy, balanced view. This means you will find yourself taking advantage of all the 'small intervals' available to you, and making this second nature.
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        Either method is fine. do the one that you will be willing to do over the long term.



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          I suppose trying lots of things is the way to go. I did actually manage to build a canister style device so hopefully I'll be able to finish off the tension and have a nice long weekend of stretching with it. I might should start tracking my progress too. I know I made progress with just a solid month or two of manual a few years back.

          Thanks for the support glad to be in this community