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    Hello, I just turned 20 a few weeks ago and I also just started restoring, I have only been doing manual techniques everytime I use the bathroom, and it seems to be working. My skin seems a lot more elastic. Luckily I had a conservative cut. Here are a few pictures, I'm just starting off so this is how it's always looked. I also was wondering if anyone knew where the scar on the bottom side of my penis came from it begins just below the cir scar?

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    That is called the raphe. Everyone has it. It's where things close up in the womb. If you were a female that would have been your vaginal opening. It also runs down the middle of your scrotum.


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      Thanks, yeah I was wondering if it was part of the raphe.


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        Some boring lore: The penile raphe used to bring big angst to some restorers who thought that because it's made from dense tissue, it won't respond to cycles of tension. It does.
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