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  • photo size issue

    I am having a lot of issues resizing my photos so I can post them in the progress section. anyone have suggestions??

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    Email yourself through gmail and compress them to a smaller image size then save the image from the email?
    Currently on the cusp of being completely confident in claiming c4 and will begin dating my progress here whence accomplished.


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      Can you describe the issues? I don't know if this site has any restrictions on file size or resolution, but running into one should give you an error message.

      Most cameras these days have resolutions much higher than what you'd want to display online. Scaling the pictures down (and cropping them as needed) the will decrease the file size; if it's a JPEG, do that first before increasing the compression.


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        I had the same problem befor
        But finally I downloaded an app for resizing photos and it helps me a lot
        ((Photo&picture resize ))


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          I had to improvise a solution to this, recently. Here's an easy way to fix the problem...
          Transfer the pics to your PC, and open each one in Microsoft Paint. Click the "Resize" button, and use pixels instead of percentage. Look up the maximum pixels this website accepts (can't remember off the top of my head) and punch it in. Save the file, and try uploading it. If it still doesn't work, just decrease it again by 10% until it works.
          It helps to have the forum open in another tab.