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    Hi, just a little about me. Until a month ago I hadn't heard of foreskin restoring. I've always wondered what it was like to have one. Since then I've read so much about it and I'm committed to restoring myself already.

    I've started manual tugging using method 2 and now also 3. I started really slow and gentle for just a few minutes a day, each session just for a few seconds. I've increased the tension and time to around 5-10 mins per day. Even though I started slow I can already tell a difference how much looser my skin feels and a few more wrinkles have appeared.

    I am a cl 2 with 25%FEC so slightly lucky I guess. When I get to a cl 3-4 I will get a tugging device (not sure which yet)

    i want to keep a photo gallery for my progress without keeping the images on my phone so will use this site to log my journey.

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    Welcome to the site. I'm pretty new here too, but have been tugging for a few years now.


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      Welcome! Feel free to peruse the posts and ask questions.