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  • Hi guys

    Hi everyone!

    I should start by saying that I'm actually not circumcised!

    According to the ci- charts Im a ci-9 flaccid and ci6-7 erect. However, I miss the full erect coverage I used to have in my teens so naturally stretching would make sense.

    In 2014 I started manually stretching for 2-3 weeks but stopped because I got paranoid that it would widen the "pucker" of my foreskin (If that makes sense)

    Someone in another section suggested o-rings. Would love to hear your guys' experiences with this methods.

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    If I was intact, I would only lengthen my foreskin by wearing the natural preputial sphincter at the skinny part of a gentle tension device (full disclosure: like the one I sell for reasons elucidated on the product page.
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      I started a couple of months back with Ron's TLC-X and so far I'm very happy with how things are moving. There are definitely also other options, you should figure out what works well. I started with O-rings and got a bit of progress with that, but the TLC-X is definitely much more effective and convenient for me. You can see my progress on the link below, and it includes an example of the O-rings in use as well...
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        The evidence from reports here and elsewhere is that you do not have to worry about the pucker becoming looser, wider. Beginners typically worry about that, veterans do not. Keep in mind that the pucker is stretchy enough to slide over the erect glans, as well as be stretched during masturbation and intercourse, all without losing the pucker. Also, keep in mind that tension puts stress on the skin, and that skin reacts to that stress. One common reaction is s=a slight swelling, which can temporarily make the pucker look more loose. But, what we are really doing is applying tension to stimulate skin growth. the stretching is a temporary side effect of applying the tension.

        Bottom line, keep on tugging, you won't reduce your nice tight pucker.