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18 yr old looking to start restoring NEED HELP!!!!

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  • 18 yr old looking to start restoring NEED HELP!!!!

    Hey guys so for as long as i can remember ive always wished i had foreskin i have tried manual tugging off and on and have loosened up my shaft skin a bit however my inner foreskin is still very much exposed when flaccid. Can someone please tell me the best way to start from here such as what manual methods to perform and like a regimen for this that i should be doing daily, do i also increase the time i do it each month? im so confused. i have ordered the stuff i need for the caniaster method as i still live at home i have to be discrete about this also, i would also likeit if someone could tell me more about how to use the cannister method and t taping and for how long i should wear it? so many qustions but these are the most pressing at the moment hahah

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    Hey, new on here but have been on the reddit group and tugging for a while. Good for you that you found out about this at your age, you have the opportunity to regain what you lost and enjoy it for a very long time!

    For starters, don't freak out. I know it can be overwhelming at first trying to figure out what's what and trying to establish the "perfect" regimen. There's no wrong way to restore--provided you're doing a technique correctly!

    I only tried the canister very briefly, but people have seen results. As with any device, make sure you know what you're doing before you strap up! I'm sure someone can answer specifically the best way to use it, sorry.

    What I've been using is manual method 3 roughly every hour for a few minutes a session. I'm not as judicious about it as others, for instance hardacroposthion, who has seen some amazing results with just his hands (and o-rings as a secondary). Look for his posts, there's also plenty of them on the reddit r/Foreskin_restoration. Hopefully it's okay to mention another group.

    Again, don't overwhelm yourself with new info. There's plenty of it on here and plenty of methods to fit your lifestyle. And this is not a quick fix, it will take several years to grow the skin. But the results come rather quickly if you are dedicated, and there are very pleasurable benefits to be had well before you're finished! Just remember the key to it all: CONSISTENCY!

    Well that and also enjoy yourself. Keep on tugging!


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      Welcome! To add to the information already provided...

      What we are doing is applying tension to the skin, in order to trigger our cells to grow more skin. Similar to getting fat or enlarging a body piercing. Doctors do this for patients as well. The key is that we are triggering skin growth. Once triggered, it happens, with or without our intervention. Like growing plants, we water, then the plants do their thing. and, like growing plants, adding more tension is not helpful, it just causes injury. So find the amount of tension that works for you and keep doing that.

      Time is not as important as tension. Manual tuggers who apply tension for just short periods of time do as well and any other method. All methods work, but some are easier for a given person to implement or fit into their lifestyle, so think abut what you will be comfortable with and will do on a daily basis.

      It is a long haul, not a race, so settle into a method that appeals, and do it regularly. Manual is fine, inexpensive, and there is nothing for anyone to find, so can be good for someone wishing to be discrete.

      The canister method is also inexpensive, but requires some stuff, just watch for too much tension, when I used it I got a skin tear just moving around in my clothes. The skin stretched over the edge can suddenly get a lot more tension it seems. That said, it is easy to arrange skin and hold tension, so a method that many use. No need to wear it for long periods, you can do it for 20 minutes or so, twice a day, as an example. Since tape does not come off so easily, then you can leave it without tension for the rest of the day. And example regimen could be:

      Take a morning shower, at the end of the shower (because it is easier to remove tape after 24 hrs and while wet) take the old tape off, apply new tape. Eat breakfast while the tape adhesive sets up, then apply tension for 20 minutes or some convenient time. Remove tension, but leave in place for the rest of the day. At night, apply tension for 20 minutes, or some convenient time period. Leave on w/o tension until your shower the next morning. Adjust as will work for you.

      Experiment and modify until you find what works best for you.



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        Originally posted by restoringaussie View Post
        do i also increase the time i do it each month?
        If there is an ideal routine it does not involve gradually ramping up. You should take it easy at first only because you're being cautious and gaining experience, not because your skin needs less tugging now and more tugging later.

        Originally posted by restoringaussie View Post
        tell me more about how to use the cannister method and t taping and for how long i should wear it?
        I recommend wearing gentle tension for 10-12 hours per day and keeping the skin passively retained over the glans whenever you're not tugging. HOWEVER with tape methods, each application and removal is kind of a chore so I think guys tend tug as close to around the clock as they can. I did. But do change tape jobs after no more than 24 hours.

        I would apply the tape after my morning shower, and add tension about 15 minutes later. I'd wear it until the following morning's shower or until my wife said let's have a look at that penis.
        -Ron Low
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