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  • Hi from a new member!

    Hi everyone! I'm Spencer, my username was also Spencer on the old forum but I only posted once and wasn't too involved. Hopefully this takes off it might be nice to have a fresh start for the forum and hopefully I'll stay more involved on here.

    Just a little about myself: I'm an artist when I have time I do a lot of different kinds of work with that. Aside from that I'm a sociology undergrad also studying various topics in psychology, behavioral biology, philosophy etc. Working on some light research (nothing exciting) currently and I'd like to continue doing research in the future and possibly some on circumcision in relation to what I study.

    I also have worked with a some non-profits and started one a while back in the LGBT community, but I haven't been involved in much activism for a while but I plan on getting back into it somehow.

    Oh and with restoration haven't really done any, not sure if I want to right now, I figure Foregen or some other group might make some progress with stem cells and I have time to decide what I want to do. Anyways I'll try and be on here if anyone wants to say hi shoot me a message I need more Intactivist friends!

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    Hi Spencer. I'm a big fan of Foregen myself and would absolutely love to see them develop technology so that circumcised males can regenerate their foreskins. Yesterday I actually wrote a long thread on the other forum trying to persuade people that have either money or skills to donate to do so to help speed things up. Unfortunately, we all agreed that at the rate they're going we aren't going to have such an option available to us (and at an affordable price) any time soon. Because of that I decided that I'm going to do what I do have some power over which is restore using tugging methods. I think you ought to do the same for yourself. It's not ideal but it's well worth it.


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      I may start doing that, cant really afford a restoration device at the moment (broke college student). m sure if Foregen found a way it wouldn't matter if I was restored or not so that's not my worry. Ive seem pictures of some restored that have been pretty close to looking naturally intact but also some that really don't resemble natural foreskin, and I'm used to being around intact guys, plus my ex is intact so I probably spot the differences right away and I wouldn't want myself to end up with it looking obviously unnatural. That and money is all that's really held me back from doing it but I might set some aside to get a dtr soon or look into the results of different restoration methods.