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  • New to restoration + few questions

    Hello. I'm 15 and have been fully circumcised when I was 6. I've come across foreskin restoration a few days ago, and I think it'd be a good idea to start ASAP. I have a few questions regarding restoration:

    - could it be harmful to me at my age?
    - I don't have much slack and free time to tug, so is the t-tape method best for me?
    - I've seen people use some form of measurement unit (for what I assume is foreskin size), CI#. What does this unit mean?

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    -No, your age doesn't make FR harmful. If anything, the younger you start, the better. Just remember to start slow, and work your way up. Getting over-zealous can easily result in injury.
    -t-tape is one way you could go. Manual methods would also work (here's a link to a site that explains the various manual methods: Because of your age, I'm guessing it'd be difficult to get a dual-tension device, but that is by far the most convenient option. Only you can decide what is best for you.
    -CI stands for "coverage index". It's a system of foreskin measurement, ranged from 1 to 10. Here's a quick breakdown...

    CI-1: penis has no excess skin, and may pull the scrotal skin onto the shaft during erection.
    CI-2: Some excess skin curves over the sulcus (you may have to google some penis anatomy).
    CI-3: Foreskin covers the sulcus, and may touch the corona.
    CI-4: foreskin covers the corona.
    CI-5: Skin covers 1/3 to 1/2 of the glans.
    CI-6: Most of the glans is covered.
    CI-7: Glans is completely covered, but visible through the opening. When erect, the corona and some of the glans may be covered.
    CI-8: A small amount of skin overhangs the end of the penis.When hard, 1/2+ of the glans may be covered.
    CI-9: The foreskin extends beyond the tip of the glans. When erect, the glans may stay fully covered.
    CI-10: A significant amount of skin extends beyond the glans. When erect, the foreskin still extends beyond the glans.


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      I suggest manual at least for now. Nothing to buy. Simple to do. Nothing to wear, so no potential for interference with sports and other activities. Under the radar, so no permission or discussion needed with others. And it works as well as any other method.

      Taping is also easy to do, inexpensive, but you do need a few supplies, thus possibly raising questions. Tape is not so easy to remove at a spur of the moment, though, so consider that as well.

      Inflation and devices require you to have enough skin to use. Plus you have rather specialized equipment to buy and keep on hand, making your endeavor more likely to be found and raise eyebrows.

      This is very safe as long as you use common sense and realize that this is slow, so you need to be patient.