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Just got my tugger

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  • Just got my tugger

    I got my TLC Tugger today. I had some difficulty get the cone to hold the skin but I found the tip about folding it back over a cannister very helpful. While using the leg strap the tugger would pop off after a while but reattaching the tugger gets easier each time. This evening I decided to try it with the strap over the shoulder which I found more comfortable. I probably don't have as much tension that way but I guess I can increase the tension as I get more familiar with tugging and get more available skin. So far, I'm very happy with it. I'd been using the cannister method and the tape was such a hassle. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to restoring my foreskin.

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    Keep on tugging!


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      Originally posted by Reality
      You may not want to throw out your tape quite yet. You can blot the sticky side of tape on your cone (the skin surface) so that a bit of the tape's adhesive is transferred to the cone. This can help in the interim with grip, until using this device becomes more familiar. Of course this isn't necessary, but I'm suggesting it just for experimentation.
      Or he could send you the remaining tape to tape up your mouth and reduce your verbal flatulence . Lol.


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        There is definitely a sweet spot for tension on the tension strap (at least with me). SO you may have to do a few trials to get a tension that is going to keep the tugger on under clothes, yet not be painful while walking. Definitely look at the website videos.


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          Also keep posting on this forum even if the members are abrasive. It's important to keep this community alive.