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Awful "rubbing" feeling with the TLC tugger

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  • Awful "rubbing" feeling with the TLC tugger

    Hello, this is my first post here so apologies if this is the wrong place.

    I've been using the basic TLC tugger on and off for about a month or two now. Overall, it's been going rather well except for one major issue. Sometimes after a few hours, the tugging cone feels like it pulls away from my glans a bit and is rubbing against the tip. The problem seems to be hastened by physical activity, walking around at work, carrying groceries or boxes around, etc. The feeling is very uncomfortable, to the point where I find a way to take a bathroom break as soon as the feeling pops up. I have a few theories about why this happens and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

    I don't think it's because I'm tugging too hard. I don't have the tension set very high, since I'm still quite new at this. I do put a little bit of lotion on my glans just before putting the device on. It seems to make things more comfortable, but lately I've begun to wonder if that's what's causing the friction. I've also heard that a tugging cone without the ventilation hole could help me. The problem does seem to be caused by a bit of air being created between the cone and the glans, so if this air does not exist, it might solve my problem.

    I'm also unsure of exactly where to place the strap on my leg. I usually have the whole strap set below my knee, with the strap end extending up as needed. I couple days ago, I tried doing the technique of having the strap go above and below the knee (like in Ron Low's pictures), but it seemed to make things worse. The rubbing didn't seem to happen as much, but my penis overall began to hurt, so I quit after only a few hours.

    I'm very determined to make this goal happen. I'm 26 and recently explained this whole thing to my girlfriend. She's seems pretty supportive, but I now have something else there to reinforce my goal. This awful rubbing issue is threatening the whole endeavor. Any tips from you guys would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well, a few suggestions off the top of my head are:

    Do you need to wear it for that long? would shorter periods of tension eliminate this problem?

    Could you cover that spot? It sounds like perhaps the skin is relaxing further, and that allows the rubbing? In other words, as the skin relaxes more and more, a gap opens up, allowing the rubbing? something to protect that area might be possible, guys doing inflation methods often use something like a bit of tape to cover their urethra opening to avoid air getting into their urethra. that migh also protect you form the rubbing.

    After you take a bathroom break, do you re-attach the device and continue tugging? How does it feel then? Does it become painful again sooner than the first time? Longer? Does it always happen after a few hours, or does it vary in how long before it happens? If it varies, that suggests to me that the way you attach may vary, and if you can find a way to attach that prevents the pain, then you may solve this.