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A few questions from a beginner

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  • A few questions from a beginner

    Since I'm a beginner with foreskin restoration, naturally I'd have a few questions on how to restore most effectively.

    I've noticed that some people prefer to tug manually, while others use a device. While both of these methods "tug" the foreskin, the devices apply tension over a longer period, while manual tugging applies tension over a shorter period of time, but people manually tug several times per day. Given that some people have had success with manual tugging alone, it seems that the amount of time spent taut does not have a great effect on the rate of skin growth. Since I don't have a device yet (and probably not enough skin to use one anyway), I'm sticking with manual method 2 for now, and I'd like to know if there are any optimal parameters (tugging force, amount of time spent holding the skin taut, frequency of tugging per day) that stimulates the most skin growth.

    I am well aware that foreskin restoration is a long, slow process that takes years to complete. I'm starting out at a CI-3 right now. Is there any way to measure progress at this stage, and see if my tugging methods are effective? I have around 1.5 inches of inner foreskin already, so almost all of my work will be expanding the outer shaft skin. I'm nowhere near achieving rollover, so I was wondering if there are any visual ways to see progress at this stage. I assume the shaft skin will just become more and more wrinkly at this stage, since it doesn't really have any place to go yet.

    My current method right now is to get an erection, grip my penis with both hands in an OK sign, pull them apart just enough for the skin to get taut and a bit shiny, and hold that for about a minute, and then release. I do that about 5 times in each session, and I usually end up doing 3 to 5 of these sessions per day.

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    I think you are getting off to a good start. Keep up what you are doing, and Never Give Up.


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      Originally posted by Reality
      5. If you search the posts on this forum, you will find discussion on what the finished guys have called the "right" amount of tension, or, the "sweet spot" of tension. This is a feeling, not a quantified amount of tension. You have to experiment over time to get a sense of this feeling. numbers, just subjective sense. Tugging is not science, it's an art. If you are familiar with Art, you will know what is being referred to with this word. This applies to how long the "on" should be. Again, this is subjective, and skilled.
      I'd just want to add to this that any "right" amount should be less than "too much" tension. You don't want to pull hard enough to risk tearing the skin. Different people have different thresholds of pain; there may be those among us who can tolerate what might be painful for others, not to mention that people have varying ideas of what feels "right."

      There's a limit to what the skin can take. I don't think anyone here can claim to know exactly what that limit is, so our best bet is to play it safe. What I've told people in the past is to simply pull the skin taut.


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        Thanks for your responses.

        Since this is all about cycles, that leads me to believe that for example, tugging 6 times in a session, holding for 10 seconds each would promote more skin growth than tugging 2 times, holding for 30 seconds each. I guess I have to just experiment with this. Everyone's skin is different, so what is optimal for someone else's skin might not work well for me.

        I'm also looking for an alternative to method 2 that is easy to do without an erection. I only want to focus on outer skin right now so I can even it out to where the scar line is at the front. The way my penis seems to work is that sometimes I'm really in the mood and can get an erection just by looking at it, and I really take advantage of this to get some quality tugging time in, but other times, I have so much trouble getting erect that I spend 5 minutes jacking off and still be flaccid, and it's not easy to tug when your penis is completely limp.