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  • New to forum, returning to restoring


    I was born in 1966 and circumcised at birth. I have material things, good prospects for the rest of my life, and religious contentment beyond that.

    I can't believe I was 39 before I found out what circumcision really was (and confirmed that I was circumcised -- and I was outraged, believe me). I started restoring immediately (2005-2006) but my enthusiasm dwindled and I stopped (the tape often slipped off the film canister over the course of several hours, so I probably did not achieve any cell division). I bought several devices, but did not use them much before giving up.

    Since I had a shoulder injury last week, I am off work for a month or so. I really noticed how low my sensitivity has become. I was never married and have no children. Self-pleasure is the only "sex" I get, and just in the last week it has become virtually impossible to "launch the old booster rocket". I almost can't put into words how shocking was the rapid fall-off in sensitivity. Gaining skin to cover my glans, the way nature made me, would be a crowning achievement, even if I never masturbate again. I'm sorry I stopped tugging for these last 12 years.

    So I am back to restoring. I plan to do some manual tugging, and use my DTR. I really can't restore at work. I am a bachelor with his own home, so I can restore at home all I want. I am a CI-2.

    I need to get restoring into my daily routine, and stick to it this time.

    First, I still do not know how much tension to use. It is like asking me "how much force do you use on the bolts to attach the valve cover on a vintage car engine so you don't crush the gasket". Everyone says "well, 'ya know", but I don't know. I hope I don't get discouraged and keep tugging until I see initial progress, I know it will take a long time.

    Second, I don't know how long my cycles should be. I guess time will tell on that too.

    Third, I don't know how to keep from getting discouraged. Does anyone here have any tricks to keep someone motivated?

    Fourth, would #32 rubber bands from Staples be good to use with the DTR? (I will probably use the screws sometimes.)

    Let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome! I was in my mid 40s before I learned about restoring my foreskin. It is never too late to start, and the older you are, probably the more dramatic the benefits will feel.

    Regarding the amount of tension to use, there are several things that make it difficult to say X newton meters of torque like you might on a car bolt. First is that when I say hard, you may think and actually use what I would call medium. Words are ambiguous, we do not have any standards, and there is no way to measure the tension reliably between people. Second, what works for one man may not for another. We have reports of men using what they call gently tension who are apparently successful, and men using high tension that are also successful, and assuming that gentle and high are actually different, there ya go, a wide variation of tension levels appear to work. So what do you do?

    My suggestion is to experiment, figure out what works well for you. The best possible scenario is you stumble on the optimal tension immediately, and you are off and running. Worst case scenario is you don't, so you spend six months or so figuring it out. Either way, you get to where you want to be, knowing how much tension you should use. To figure this out, you really need to be able to do two things. First is to have some confidence that when you apply tension, the level of tension you apply is the same each time, and you can vary that intentionally when desired. Second is to have confidence that when progress is made, you can observe it or measure it, ie when you try the optimal tension level, you will see progress and thus know you have found it. These are not hard to do, but do take a little thought and experience, or sensitivity.

    That is probably not satisfying, so I will tell you what I do for optimal tension. But remember, this may or may not be what is optimal for you, and for you it could be higher or lower. I apply enough tension that it feels like just a little more risks injury a lot more. It is a bit uncomfortable when first applied, yet after a few moments, I can forget I have anything on. When I remove my gripper, it is a bit painful, as the blood returns, for a moment, then it is back to normal.

    Regarding how long, my experience very clearly shows that time under tension is largely irrelevant, at least for me. I am doing two, 20 minute sessions a day, 5 days a week. I tug while eating breakfast and dinner at home. That is very convenient for me. That is very easy to integrate into my life. And, considering how long manual tuggers apply tension, my guess is that even 20 minutes is more than sufficient. when I tried longer time, my progress was not better, actually worse, but other factors were also at play, so I would say the time was irrelevant.

    My suggestion is to first choose times and places that are convenient for you and your lifestyle. If that is once a day for 15 minutes, do that. If, being alone in the house, you would rather do six times a day in the evening, for 5 minutes each, do that. Again, choose something that is easy for you to do on a regular basis. Then focus on sorting out what amount of tension will grow skin the best for you. Choose an amount of tension you are comfortable with, and can do every time, and do that for a month or more, until you are confident that if there is progress you will see it. Then wait and see what happens. Good progress? Keep on doing that.

    Not so good progress, or just want to see if it can be better? Try another level of tension and do that for a month or more. Repeat as needed. At the end, you will know what works for you. Then, if you like experimenting, try different time lengths, number of tugging sessions per day, etc.

    I do not have any great advice about not getting discouraged other than to say do not make this too burdensome and celebrate the improvements along the way. Oh, and take breaks when it helps. For example, I take breaks on all weekends & holidays, business trips, and for 1-3 months each year when I get really busy and am out in the field for work. Breaks are not something to be avoided, in my book. They can help recharge you for getting back to tugging, give you a chance to play with your new equipment, and the only downside is that much more time will be needed to get to the finish line. But I do not look at this as a race, but as a journey.



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      There IS a way to measure tension. I use an overhead anchor above my bed for the tugging strap and have a small digital fish attached to the end of it. I'm currently using 2 lbs in 30 minute sessions 3 times per day. I also supplement with manual whenever possible. It all adds up. You don't need to wear that torture device for hours on end to grow skin. The trick is to find YOUR ideal tension and that takes experimentation. Once the cells are triggered to divide, your body takes it from there. Devices by their very nature impede circulation to some degree and the triggered cells need bloodflow to complete their division. Cyclic tension has been proven to be way more effective than constant tension IF you have found your optimal tension. Too little, nothing happens. Too much, and your body goes into healing mode instead of growth mode, plus you run the risk of skin tears and other injuries. In general you want to go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more. You know you've got the tension right when you feel a very mild "burn" at the end of your session. This burn should go away within a few minutes of removing the device. But ease into this kind of routine. Your skin needs to get used to being tensioned and that takes a few days.And most importantly: Be Consistent!


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        Using a fish scale allows you to replicate an accurate level of tension and gives you a reference to the "feel". However, I have noticed that as you gain skin you have to increase the amount of tension to get the same "feel". This is because the load is spread out over a larger area as you gain skin. It definitely helps in developing YOUR sense of "feel" for YOUR ideal tension.


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          While I agree that there are some methods with which you can measure tension in a way that would give someone else with a similar high quality device a sense, for example, parsecskin's method, there are other methods that you cannot, for example the method I used mostly, t-tape strips with an insert.



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            Originally posted by Reality

            If I understand what you are saying here, greg, using an insert is removed from any particular feeling in the skin affected? It's certainly removed from any practical way of assigning some number to the use of inserts (and we agree that numbers per se are secondary to the Art of tugging). So if this is true, then you would estimate when it is time to use a longer insert, and then see if that is the case? But doesn't the trial of a longer insert also involve some feeling in the area, rather than just the practical aspect of "room" to place the insert?
            Sorry if I was not clear, a bit rushed at the time. Not quite what I was saying. I can feel the tension, in fact that is what I use to judge, as you seem to be thinking would be the case.

            What I meant to say is that there are some methods, think of using a strap, where one could indeed measure the tension being used. While I do not think the typical fish weight scale would be precise or repeatable enough, there are high quality scales that could be used, for example:


            One could hang the weights being used, or pull the strap using the scale to the elongation used, and give that reading to someone else with a similar quality scale to see if the same amount of tension would work for them.

            But, in my case, I pull the skin over the insert and fasten it. I can feel fairly precisely what that amount of tension is, and repeat it for future tugging sessions. But I do not see a good way to measure it with a scale or other measuring instrument that could then be shared with other men so that they could try the tension level I use. I can feel and judge the tension myself, but see no way to precisely give that feeling to someone else.



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              What I go for is at the end of my 30 minute tugging session is that I like to feel a very mild stretch "burn",if you will, that goes away fairly quickly after removing the device. If it lingers you know it was too much tension, especially if it comes back as soon as you put the device on next time.