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  • Frenulum

    Hey guys,
    im new here and firsfiratst of all i would hope you can answer my question when you look at the pic i i have the frenulum atill or not? Im kinda confused..thanks for the answers

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    Originally posted by Reality
    You have a part of your original frenulum. Almost everyone who was circumcised has a part of their original frenulum.

    A frenulum is not a "thing" which stands a lone. A frenulum is tissue which is part of of a larger structure, and continuous with, an entire intact foreskin. Many (most) circumcised guys think that a frenulum is a separate "thing" which stands alone, because that's all they've ever seen. All they see is just a part of something which was wider and longer than they realize.
    So i have it but it's not intact right?


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      Dom98 - as I understand it the frenulum of an intact penis runs along the under (ventral) surface from the piss slit (meatus). It fans out and forms the frenar band which encircles the penis. With the foreskin in the forward position (covering the glans), it may not be visible - hidden inside the foreskin. With the foreskin retracted, it would be visible. There seems to be considerable variation in anatomy - I'm no expert here.

      Nerves emerge from close to the tube through which the urine flows. The nerves run along the frenulum and also encircle the frenar band. This gives the frenulum and the frenar band the unique sexual sensitivity that they have in an intact penis.

      The vast majority of circumcisions cut off the frenar band. Exactly how much additional skin is removed is at the whim of the guy wielding the knife or circumcision clamp.

      So the part of the frenulum (half, quarter ...) which is along any remaining inner mucosal type skin remains. In some (most US type?) circumcisions this remaining frenulum is also clamped lengthwise and cut off in an additional cutting.

      Does this help with the understanding? I must admit that I find it disagreeable and anger provoking to talk about this.

      Best wishes

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