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    Hello, my son was circumcised as a infant and now I am finally learning it was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made for him. Truly I was just immature and ignorant, simply because I did not know the risks or what I was taking from him. He was initially circumcised and the foreskin grew over his penis and then he was recirumscised at the age of 1. The urologist removed all his foreskin, I did not know that would have been the outcome. With that being said, my son is now 7 years old he has little to no foreskin, which is causing problems with growth and pain. Can anyone help in guiding with the safest age appropriate steps to start taking in order to restore my sons foreskin? Thank you 🙏

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    At 7 years old, I would not try to get him to restore, if that is what you are asking.

    All I would do is be his dad, answer questions, and educate myself so that when his is older you can be a resource for him.



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      In my opinion, seven years old is too early for him to restore. I agree with greb_b, all you should probably do is just be the best father to him that you can be. Perhaps when he’s older and starting puberty, you could share your insight and offer guidance. Good luck to you.


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        A kid can wear a Your-Skin Cone to arrest the progressive glans damage until he's old enough to decide about tugging.
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          You should sue, some states the parents only have 8 years, lots of angles, including if they did not give you informed consent


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            I would indeed not worry about when would be a good time to mention something about restoring. Try to be the best possible father you can be and bring it up once you start with some sexual education in a couple of years. Restoring is something that should be a personal choice anyhow, as it takes a lot of time and commitment. Just be honest when the subject would come up and just explain how you were ignorant and have regrets.

            good luck!
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