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Cut very low and tight, wounder if I can restore?

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  • Cut very low and tight, wounder if I can restore?

    *Cut very low and tight, wonder if I can restore?

    I was cut very low and tight as a infant to the point I think it causes turkey neck or it was congenital with my circ making it worse which goes almost to the scar line. I also deal with mental illness with also having, open heart surgery twice first one as an infant, 3 catheter ablations, plus hypothyroidism. Despite all that being cut has also left me extremely sexually frustrated and even after many years of catholic indoctrination since I was a kid I later came to terms of my omisexuality in my mid 20s with leaving the church for good since it ruined my family aka father was a rape victim. Feelings of betrayal, assault, hopelessness, and victimization from what has happen to me without consent. Yet I'm laughed at or ignored by most here in the USA.

    On the brighter side of things I am grower not a shower and can use my scutom like a foreskin but it doesn't provide full coverage when no sexual activities are being done. I could care less about how it looks and care a lot more on how it functions as I want to bring back as much sensitivity possible.Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	106.5 KB ID:	28395Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	98.6 KB ID:	28396

    So my question is can those cut very tight and low to the point of being a botched circ restore? .

    I have tired tugging and own a DTR. I Know it takes years for results and my other dilemma is I I'm having a hard time with stretching what shaft skin I have left. I have also considered using my scutom to gain full coverage if there is not enough shaft skin to restore. I am so frustrated about what has been done that I've even considered saving for a Penectomy as this sexual frustration has become a vicious cycle where I taking my angry out on my own gentiles via rough adult media sessions with or with toys like sounds.
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    Here's one while flaccid as the other one didn't take that photo fully.


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      I'm going to address the core question of the thread and refrain from commenting on anything else.

      Yes, you can restore. You probably don't have enough skin to use the DTR (yet.) Before you're able to use the DTR effectively, you'll have to restore using other methods for a while. Methods that you should be able to restore with include canister method, t-tape, or manual (particularly manual method 2.)


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        Excellent reply, mattsprofile; I'm sure most here won't recognize the subtlety you are using. With the honesty that you and WoodyHoody bring to this forum, I can drop back to a much lower profile. About time for me to do that anyhow. Carry on, gentleman.


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          I want to thank you both for your subtlety and a lot I did say really did not needed to be. I 'm going through a very rough time in my life and getting the help I need. Thank you mattsprofile for your answer and advice of which methods would be best since I've been struggling on which to even use. I am still very new to all this and made the right choice in reaching out to this community which I am now apart of.


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            The good thing is anyone can restore, so no worries there. It seems like you’ll indeed need to start with manual or taping, as most devices will need some more loose skin. On the other hand, I wouldn’t say you had a low cut. I’ve now doubled the inner skin I had left and have around half of what you have. Just to say, in terms of inner skin you have a substantial amount to start with and that will help to regain sensitivity once you get the option to retain. Good luck!
            My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

            Restarted restoring after a long break of about 12 years. Switched from multiple O-rings to the TLC-X tugger, and happy with the progress. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x


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              Sure YOU can! I was cut much tighter than you and have seen results, albeit a bit slower than some who were cut lower and those with frenulum. As far as turkey neck goes, even intact men can have that. All peni are different. Some have low hanging balls and some more compact regardless of circ. Nonetheless, since i was cut so tight i realised i needed more skin to work with so i started ball stretching with weights. Feels good to wear too! Its actually pretty amazing that after nearly two years how much lower my sac hangs. I still have a turkey neck per se, but i have a lot more skin at the base to work with. I am just returning to restoration after many years off due to frustration. But in the 3 years i did tug, i had gained permanent bunching behind the head when flaccid and some roll over when sitting. Note: i used to have NO loose skin and was cut nearly into my ball sac on the underside. Also had a skin bridge that was connected from my shaft to my head that i had removed. Your knob looks a LOT better to start with than mine. Quit whining and DO IT! lol
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                Hi, I’m cut very low and tight, much lower and much tighter than you and I’ve just started restoring, look in to doing manual tugging, I find method 2 is best,also you can use T tape or even the tape and canister method, I can use all of these and you’ve got much more loose skin than I have
                Good luck


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                  I did. Look where I am at now.
                  View My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...ooded-progress