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Off to a rough start-please help!

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  • Off to a rough start-please help!

    Hi, I just joined and I was hoping to get some advice. I just started using my DTR and I am having a hard time getting it to work because I have 0 slack. I don't have the patience for manual tugging and want to use my DTR without hurting myself. The first time I tried it on, a portion of skin started slipping away from the device, but the elastics were pulling at it in the opposite direction causing me pain. I'm not sure if I would be better off buying the knee wrap and attaching the strap, or using a condom catheter to keep the skin more secure. Anyone have a suggestion?

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    Tell us how much inner and outer skin you have. Both flaccid and erect. Since you say you have no slack, and the DTR slips off under tension, it sounds like you do not have enough skin to use the DTR. Or any device, including inflation. You simply need enough skin to accommodate devices, if you do not, you can't use them effectively.

    All is not lost, most men start out without devices. Manual is on option, but not the only option. Tape is a tried and true method as well, and there are many variations on taping. The most common taping method is T-Tape, but many find that a bit daunting. The Pill Tube method is a commonly used alternative, and I devised a sort of pill tube method without the pill tube, using an insert, so quite similar to the DTR, actually:

    And, to get used to this whole business, some men simply start with cross taping, which won't get you very far, but is excellent at getting used to the routine of having something attached to you penis.

    My suggestion is to try another method, better suited to your stage of restoration, until you get enough slack skin to accommodate the DTR.



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      Just a thought...Maybe you can tape to the DTR. If there is enought skin to encompass the inter DTR flange for stability then tape across the outter skin to the inter flange. Should work till you get enough slack to use the cup.