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A beginner who is lost between methods and details

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  • A beginner who is lost between methods and details

    Hello everybody,
    I am new at this network. I am glad to find many people here who share their experiences and valuable knowledge. First of all English isn't my native language, however i will try my best to explain my situation. It is really hard to find local sources about this topic in my country. Men aren't aware here that circumcision affects their life a lot. For me, this is an important issue that everyone should be aware of. I hope one day it will be forbidden to do it to children. Anyway, I was cut when i was 11 years old. Now i am 30 years old.
    My main question is starting cross-taping or t-taping suitable for me? Can i start with a device directly?

    According to this photo below i have high and tight circumcision i guess:
    a​b ​c

    ​Some photos of me when my penis soft and hard :
    1​2 ​3 ​4

    When it is soft there is some loose skin which wrinkles over the sulcus and when hard the skin is very tight. I guess my circumciser cut more outer foreskin and inner foreskin. Thats why my scar is high(far away from the glans) and i don't see much shaft skin.

    I am curious that am i going to extend my inner foreskin(green colored below) or my shaft skin (purple colored below) ? By the way, is this green area my inner foreskin or maybe i make a mistake that it is outer foreskin or sth else?

    Differences between when it is soft and hard.

    Finally, i repeat my questions:
    - Which method will be better for me for starting?
    - If it is taping; which part of skin should i focus for tension? When i see t-taping videos, they mark their scar with a pencil first, then they tense their skin. So basically, they try to extend their shaft skin. However i have just a little shaft skin. Will it work for me?

    I hope i did explain my situation and concerns.

    Thank you
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    Some of photos that i couldn't attached to previous message because of photo limit
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      Your circumcision is a lot higher than is typical and so you already have a lot of inner skin and need to grow more outer skin. You'd benefit from traditional tugging device like the TLC or the TLC-X in tugging mode. You could T-tape as well. Cross-taping is generally a waste of time unless the skin is a lot tauter than it looks in your photos. Whatever device you use, make sure it has a frenulum groove to accommodate you.
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        Based on the pics, I'd say you're ready for a device, if you want to go that route. Like mjwise pointed out, you appear to be cut pretty a matter of fact, I've seen progress galleries on this site where guys have worked for 2+ years to get where you are now. The point being that you aren't restricted to taping or manual methods, unless you choose to be. You could tape or use manual methods as a way to supplement your routine, without making them your primary means of restoring.

        Only you can say for sure, but I'd say you're one of those who can start with a device right from the beginning. There's no way the TLC-X wouldn't fit you, and it's a great starter device.


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          Originally posted by halleysin View Post
          English isn't my native language
          THANK YOU very much for writing in English for us.

          Originally posted by halleysin View Post
          I was cut when i was 11 years old
          Sorry. You should have been protected until you could make an adult choice.

          Originally posted by halleysin View Post
          am i going to extend my inner foreskin (green colored below) or my shaft skin (purple colored below)
          ALL the skin you tension will expand.

          Originally posted by halleysin View Post
          is this green area my inner foreskin
          Yes, between the scar and the glans is actual surviving foreskin.

          Originally posted by halleysin View Post
          Which method will be better for me for starting?
          If you can force your skin into position so it fully covers your glans (only while you're holding it) then you can apply a tapeless device. I sell devices and have a starters page here: This forum welcome guys tugging with any method, including those I don't sell.
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            In terms of methods it’s important to experiment a bit with different methods to figure out what works well for you and feels comfortable. Many restorers try different methods and there are different opinions on what works best. Manual and tape methods can be a cheap starting point, but (commercial) devices are also popular. I started off with multiple o-rings and changed to the TLC-X about 20 months ago. It has really boosted my progress, so I’m happy about it, but there are many devices with a similar build-up out there, and some people prefer other devices more. I believe a lot of it has to do with the exact shape of your penis, so some devices might feel better than others. What I like about the TLC-X is that you can easily modify it as you move forward and that you can use it in different ways.

            Good luck!
            My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

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              Thank you for all your answers. I have just started t-tape method and i am planning to order a TLC-X product for coming steps. I will update my process here sometimes. Thank you again for answers eveybody, it was helpful