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I am 13 and would like to restore

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  • I am 13 and would like to restore

    Hi, I am Seth. Currently studying in Secondary School. I got cut at birth not knowing why. Hence I would like to restore my foreskin after I read about this online.
    Am i underage to restore my foreskin?
    Also can someone please tell me what methods I should use?

    I am:
    Low, Tight.

    Also I would not like to provide pictures as, you know... im 13...
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    There are a lot of different metods
    So it's better to consult with specialist, who would take account of your own features.


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      not at all, i started restoring when i was 15, im 20 now so ive taken a lot of breaks. however the best method to start with is the normal tlc & yourskincone, if you cannot fit into the tlc tugger right away, go into the bathroom for 15 minutes 3 times a day and just pull as much skin up as you can to where it doesnt hurt and just stretch it there. once you fit into it you can start attaching the device to the leg for tugging. remember. mildly uncomfortable is okay but the device should NEVER hurt. good luck & take pics for YOURSELF only to see the progress.


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        The younger you start, the quicker you will be done. Younger guys get it done WAY quicker than older guys. Especially at your age with your accelerated growth rate. Just research the subject THOROUGHLY and don't hesitate to ask any questions. Here's a link to get started: . Read the entire website. It's very informative.


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          I also started for the first time when I was about 14-15 and never had any issues doing so. I only restarted a couple of years ago to finish off the job and the only regret I have is that I waited that long. I would say manual or T-tape is always a nice starting point. Take your time to read through other people’s experiences and use those to figure out what would work best for you. Also, I would recommend that you take some pictures for yourself to keep track of changes as that is really good to keep yourself motivated. Good luck, and remember that you can always ask for help here, we’re all in the same situation and many are there to help out. It is a long journey but it is rewarding, and talking about it helps to stay motivated.
          There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

          Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x


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            Skin will grow at any age. One of my friends started restoring in his teenage years. Based on his experience, the advice I would give is to be careful with whatever method you decide to use. Pulling the skin too hard or for too long can cause injury - a statement that might seem obvious, but impatient restorers can forget this.

            And no, you wouldn't be able to post pictures here if you're under 18. Use the same sort of precautions here as you would anywhere else on the internet - basically, don't provide any contact or personal information.


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              +1 for t-tapes at your age, don't need many resources to make them, also easily concealed.


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                I'm indeed NOT considered young by any means, and I am restoring rapidly. Here is what old people need to know about rapid restoring:

                1. You need to majorly focus on hydration. You can do this through a) fresh, RAW juices that you prepare yourself, b) lots of penta or VOSS water, or c) eating a lot of ripe melons. And when I say "a lot" of ripe melons, I mean don't just eat SOME watermelon in a day--eat a whole watermelon in a day. Don't just eat 2 tangerines, eat like 10 tangerines! Don't just eat 1 apple, eat like 3 apples! Etc.
                2. The more acidic your diet, the more you are inhibiting tissue expansion (your growth). Learn about alkaline eating, and if ignore any warnings that you could be "too alkaline". Being too alkaline will be great for regrowth
                3. Intermittent fasting can really help...heck, even fasting for an entire weekend of absolutely no food and just water will help, too! You can also look into juice fasting, which will up your hydration majorly.

                I imagine that younger folk will have great success with upping hydration as well, because young people also have issues distracting their bodily functions from regrowth. Hope this helps!