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Not cut but stretching foreskin

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  • Not cut but stretching foreskin

    Found this site through a google search, I'm uncut but enjoy stretching my foreskin. When I was in my late teens, even though my (first) girlfriend never had a problem with me being uncut, I tried keeping my foreskin retracted all throughout the day. Partially because it was something different for me, and I hadn't really recognized how awesome having a foreskin is. Growing up I was very shy and self conscious about being the only one among my friends whose penises I had seen that was uncut, and the majority of the porn I saw was always cut guys. I'm not sure exactly when I figured out how pleasurable my foreskin was, but at some point in my mid 20's I began paying more attention to it during masturbation and since I wanted full coverage even when erect and naturally was around CI-7 or 8, I started tugging on it and stretching it out while in the shower or sometimes during masturbation. I never had any specific routine, but through off and on stretching over a 5 or 6 year period I've reached CI-10 and am pretty much happy with where I'm at but still want a little more foreskin length and am researching if and how it's possible to tighten up the skin past the tip of my penis.

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    Welcome! Your perspective as an intact man can be helpful. Growing more skin is the same for you and us, the skin gets triggered to grow longer by applying tension.



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      Tightening up the overhanging skin is something that people do discuss, but as far as I know there's not much that you can reasonably do about it.

      There are surgical procedures to basically cut out a wedge of the skin and sew it back together, but in my opinion this would qualify as "unreasonable," though it is a thing that some people have done. It's not something that you could just find any random surgeon to help you with, I doubt there are many people who have performed this procedure.
      Another option is what I've heard referred to as "purse string suturing" where a thread is run circularly through the foreskin around the rollover point. This thread is pulled to scrunch up the skin similarly to how you might close a coin purse or other drawstring bag. Then I guess the thread eventually dissolves and scar tissue holds the scrunch in place. While this is a common surgical procedure for closing up openings on non-penile areas, apparently somebody thought it would be good for this foreskin tightening application. And supposedly some people have done it themselves in their own home.

      I wouldn't really advise either of these things, and from what I've heard most people don't really find it to be a big enough problem to resort to surgical correction.


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        No way is it something I would have surgery over, I'm just envious of guys I see in vids whose foreskin is tight enough to really grip the head when retracting, but I'm fine with my foreskin the way it is now.


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          Once you get enough skin hanging past the glans, the skin will naturally pucker itself up. This is due to having nothing underneath to hold it open, plus the smooth muscle in the shaft skin forcing it to collapse in on itself.

          While it won't be any tighter than it is now, it's probably already tighter than what the rest of us here have - the frenulum naturally holds the foreskin closely around the glans, but for those of us who were cut, it would have been severed or removed completely. That said, even though I don't have a frenulum, my inner foreskin does seem to grip the glans if I retract it when soft. When hard, I haven't restored nearly enough yet for coverage (but I may get there).