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    …I think that having it (my penis) taught, works to help stabilize the retainer as an anchor against any twisting motion from my turning the weights. Hope this is helpful.


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      BTW, I think that the P-Tainer stealth retainer is a great way to stay covered with the least fuss possible. I feel uncomfortable in public bathrooms messing with my stuff.
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        I am also new to Restoring, started a week ago with the DTR. So far I have no issues with it and comfortable to wear. When time to pee, I just remove it, after I finish peeing I dry myself and put device back on. Getting quicker putting it back on as I go along. Have worn to store, but didn't have to pee. I will use a stall when time comes


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          I use a super canister and a PUD (depending in my plans for the day) - both have a hole I can pee through. This is one of the reasons I like them. With the PUD I can also use a public urinal without any one noticing.


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            Some devices you need to take off when peeing, have an erection or having sex.

            However, other devices and methods allow you to pee or have an erection.

            All devices should be removed for sex (obviously).
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