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Keeping the skin even

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  • Keeping the skin even

    Has anyone come up with a way to place the Tugger so that the skin is even all around. I am noticing that there is always more skin underneath than on the sides or top. I assume the skin underneath is simply more lose so it just might just be this way.


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    When I put my tugger on, I pull on the entire device (while attached) and pinch the outer clear cone at any high spots and they tend to move downward. I go all the way around until everything looks more or less evened out. Hopefully what I said makes sense to you! I also sometimes take off the outer cone after I have been wearing it for a while and readjust stuff so it stays even.


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      Yep, once you get the device on, you want the skin laid out as flat and even as possible - no bunching. One thing that helps is before you even up the skin on the outside, is to jam the pusher rapidly a couple of times. This will even out the skin on the inside first.


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        Thanks for the input!


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          If your skin is a bit uneven you can try to apply the device in such a way that you tension the shorter side a little more than the longer one, but that kind of boils down to evening things out on the device. I try to focus more on the regions that need more growth during manual sessions and to just have it fairly balanced when using my TLC-X. Works out well for me, and I have the feeling I’m now evening things out.
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            Do you mean by keeping the skin even to have the same length between the dorsal and the ventral sides? The intact foreskin is always slightly shorter on the dorsal side.