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  • Need help on where to start

    Hi everyone! I’m new to restoring and new to this site. I’m hoping I can get some advice on where to start based on where I am at today. I found out about restoration a month or so ago. I was excited to get started so I ordered a DTR kit. I received it, and I found that i can put it on. However, I’m worried based on reading that i am not really ready for it and that it could do more harm than good. Basically I have pull my shaft skin up while pushing my glans inside. As I am not very well endowed, it looks odd. I’m guessing what the worry is, is that I’m possibly stretching the wrong skin in order to put it on.

    I’m including several pics to show where I am at. One picture shows what it looks like when I hide my glans. I also included one that shows how much skin i can roll up while erect. I hope some of you more knowledgeable folks can steer me in the right direction. Since reading that, I’ve been attempting manual tugging with little/no results. I admit that consistency is difficult with that method. I’m wondering if I should instead try the canister tape method. Or if I should try to be more consistent with manual tugging. If the latter, which method should I try? Thank you in advance for any advice.

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    1. We don't stretch skin to become "more", we place tension on skin to stimulate it to grow more of itself. Your skin (or mucosa) GROWS. So..............any method which which places tension on the tissue you choose, will work.

    2. Can we do something "wrong"? No, not really. As long as you are placing a reasonable amount of tension on the type of skin you choose, then it's all good. As time goes on, which type you think is important will become clear. There is no special substance or method which trumps all others (can that word every be used again?). Just cycles of tension.

    3. No method produces immediate results. Choose the method which you can live with from day to day, and hang in. That's all it takes: endurance. There is no magic involved in any of this, just continuing on. Actual results take the form of thin wrinkles on your shaft. Those wrinkles will become fatter with time; this is more results; takes a LOT of time. Forget "2 years", accept 8 to 10 years, with experimentation.


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      You appear to have enough skin to start tugging, I would start with just a tugger and strap until you get your skin stretched out which will take a couple of months before using the DTR. A good option is the TLC tugger with my skin cone and strap around your leg just below your knee, they are very comfortable to wear and don't use a lot of tension. Pay attention to what Ron suggests with regards to tension on his website.


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        Thank you for the reply Gundog. Should I do the regular TLC Tugger or get the TLC-X? I think the TLC-X is similar to the DTR, so I’m probably best off getting the basic one right?


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          I would try out devices and routines until you are happy with the results. It honestly took me years to settle on a decent routine. I was under the impression that I could throw a TLC Tugger on at night with a strap and wake up with a foreskin. My penis looked almost identical to yours when erect. I am around 7.75 inches erect. The color and tight cut of the skin is the same.

          I will be honest, it took me 4 years to get the skin to touch the glans when erect. I am close, but still have not reached reliable flaccid coverage when flaccid.

          I used the TLC TUGGER, then switched to the PUD system. I have issues with pinching, which is worse when starting out. So tape was better for me.

          You need to clock hours in to see results. The more the better. Good luck.


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            Thanks a lot for the reply Salamander6773. It looks like I’ll give the regular TLC Tugger a go for a few months and see if I can get some results. I don’t expect instant results or anything. I just don’t want to waste time on a method that’s not appropriate for me. I’m encouraged to hear that I should be ok using that. It’ll be much easier for me to use that than to remind myself to constantly tug manually.


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              I would use just a TLC tugger not the TLC-X. I have been using different variants of the Tuggers since I started 19 months ago. When I started in January 2018 I could only get my skin to touch the glans when erect, after 3 months of tugging I was able to push the skin completely past the glans when erect, I now can push the skin 35 mm or more past the glans when erect and I also have full flaccid coverage all the time and have started to have voluntary roll over. The tugger I used every day while working is the TLC stretch 4 with a leg strap, this seems to grip the skin better than just the regular tugger, ( I am a plumber so I am bending and moving all day long), when I am not working I use the standard tugger with a leg strap and higher tension than what I use when working as I can easily adjust when needed.


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                Ypu can use the dtr without the pusher installed. This will allow you to target more outer skin closer to your scar line. When you have grown sufficient skin ypu can start using the pusher too.


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                  I think all the current devices are all great. Some names to try when you get going: TLC TUGGER, DTR, PUD, CAT2Q, SUPERCANISTER, ETC...

                  They really all work well, but comfort, tension, and hours are the key... I run high tension, short hours, because I can't get many hours of time in. Make it work for you. I would have quit if restoration was not possible, but it really is possible. Sometimes I get depressed, but when I see a big difference in my skin, it is really encouraging. The ups and downs are part of the process... you won't be 100 percent satisfied until you reach your goal.
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