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    Hey all,

    New to restoring and decided on the TLC-X. However, I was cut pretty tight and have had trouble even getting it on. Are there others who started from nothing on the TLC-X? How were you able took get started?

    I've been putting this off for years, finding different excuses to not even start each time, and I'm now ready to commit and get some results. Any help on getting started kid appreciated!

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    Most men need to start with something else because they do not have enough skin to accommodate a device like the TLC-X. Commonly used methods to start off with include manual tugging and one of the tape methods. This may help you get started:

    I started with the cross tape method, quickly advanced to the pill tube method, then devised my own taping method using an insert. Currently I am using inflation.



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      Originally posted by Restoreco View Post
      TLC-X. However, I was cut pretty tight and have had trouble even getting it on
      You could use the body of the TLC-X Tugger to help with manual tugging. What you do is ignore the retaining cone. Roll your skin up onto the Tugger (with the Pusher and its blue Rod removed) as far as you comfortably can and hold it there with a ring grip. Use the other hand to run a pen or something stiff crossways through the tugging handle to give you a good T-bar grasp for manual tugging. You can do this while waking, while toileting, and while falling asleep. In time you will have more skin mobility to apply the device as intended.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago