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Best procedure to lengthen short intact foreskin?

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  • Best procedure to lengthen short intact foreskin?

    I'm probably a CI6 as far as length goes, but I have real trouble with keeping my foreskin over the glans so in practice I'm more like a CI3. I'd like to be CI9 or 10.

    I'd guess that the approach for someone who is intact is probably quite different to someone circumcised. I'd really appreciate some advice. What device would work best for my situation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know if this will help:

    1. Everyone has trouble keeping their skin tube over the glans, especially in the early years. No device designed to tug, will help with this per se, All devices do is place tension on tissue, which grows more of itself, thereby allowing that skin tube to cover more penile structure. What you are attempting to do is grow more skin so that you can roll more of this additional tissue down into a skin tube.

    2. What you call this skin tube is up to you; some call it a "foreskin", some a "skin tube", some another designation. Whatever you call it, it is made from additional tissue ( shaft epidermis or mucosa) which has grown due to the internal programmed natural response which lies dormant in those two types of tissues. So.............................

    3, There is only one best procedure to "lengthen" that skin tube, and that is the procedure which you can live with from day to day, and which places tension on your tissues.


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      I should preface this by mentioning that I'm not intact, so I can not speak from personal experience.
      That said, I'm not totally ignorant on the subject. Lengthening your existing foreskin should not be any different from circumcised guys growing and lengthening theirs. As long as you are able to use a device (EX: those with phimosis would not be. Though, that clearly doesn't apply to you), then things should be identical for you. The only special consideration might be your frenulum. You'd have to make the call yourself on whether you need it or not, but pretty much every device has options for those who still have theirs, as the default "pushers" are always designed for those who have little or none of this body part.

      Since you ask for device advice, I'll recommend what I use. I use a CAT II Q device, with the silicon pusher (which has a frenulum-friendly cut to it), although I swap out the retaining cup for the ones sold on the DTR website. The CAT II is really comfortable, but the retaining cups they sell just don't have much hold to them. The DTR is pretty damn uncomfortable, but the retaining cups are strong. Put them together, and you've got the best device I've ever tried.

      For reference, I'll include a pic of the device I'm describing, fully assembled.

      Hope this helps solve your problem. I'm sure others will come weigh in on this discussion, but feel free to message me if you have further questions.

      EDIT: under the "Methods" section, you can see a subcategory for "Intact Foreskin Lengthening". I haven't checked it out, but there may be good info for you, in there.
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        Thank you for the detailed response, I appreciate it


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          Originally posted by anonymouscoward View Post
          I'd guess that the approach for someone who is intact is probably quite different to someone circumcised. I'd really appreciate some advice. What device would work best for my situation?
          Because you have a surviving natural preputial pucker point, I say you want to wear that spot of skin at the skinniest part of a tugging device so it is never stretched any wider than necessary. The TLC-X (and I think the DTR now) offers optional spacers to let you fine-tune device length so that as you roll your skin onto the device your pucker points lands at the end of device, and that skin is then comfortably worn at the skinniest part of the device every time. AS YOU GAIN SLACK you will adjust the amount of spacers every 2-6 months to keep that targeted zone of skin worn at the skinny part of the device. The TLC-X version that comes with spacers is called the TLC-X Extensible:
          -Ron Low
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            You could always just use your hands.

            "Manual tugging" is commonly used by others who have come to these websites wanting to lengthen an intact foreskin. Here's a site describing various methods of doing this: