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  • Beginner here! PUD

    Hey guys!
    Super glad to have found a forum to be able to share and discuss restoration.
    I’ve just started about 3 weeks ago. I’m still feeling everything out. I decided to go with the PUD (12oz) and I have been taping which for me hasn’t been too much of an issue for me, but I’ve read some guys don’t like to use tape. From what I’ve been reading, apparently there are levels of restoration? When I was about 14 I started manually tugging for a few months and then I stopped altogether until now and I’m going on 21. From the few months that I manually tugged, I was actually able to really stretch what foreskin I did have, and I was completely intact at the start. Today, all of that has retained and before I started the PUD I had significant folding. After a month of using the PUD I’m noticing much more folding on the inner mucosa, outer mucosa has started to thin and when fully flacid it folds all the way to the edge of the corona. Can anyone tell me what level that would be ? I will attach a pic that I took about a week ago, not quite completely flaccid. Any tips for the PUD ? Thanks guys!

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    I love my 18 oz GP PUD and wear it with a simple gripper so that I can take it off and put it on in a snap. I think it can be an awesome tool if used consistently and if you keep the gripper clean and dry, so it will not slip. I can typically swing it around to test the grip and it will not come off unless I flip up the gripper. I see that folding and loose skin in your picture and it looks like you should have plenty of skin to work with, just keep tugging and you will get there. Here is a pic of mine on a weekend when I can let it all hang out.
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      Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! Lookin good


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        It's a hell of a device... Athletic tape works great as well, I find that it never pinches at all, and stays on well. Any brand works.

        Hours are everything in restoration. It is easy to add weight to the device as well if you can't get many hours in,