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Hey everyone :)

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  • Hey everyone :)

    Forgot to do this last week...

    I've been at this for about 14 months, which includes about three months of interruption (so really more like 11 months). I was using only manual until about two months ago, when I ordered the TLC-X. Still incorporating manual tugging, but it's nice to have passive tension throughout the day, assisting my progress on those days when I can't find the time for manual. I apparently started at the toughest stage - CI3 moving toward CI4 - but it's not going to deter me in the least. I honestly enjoy this process, and I'm a very patient personality (which will come in handy, I imagine). I would say I began at a low CI3 (maybe even a far along CI2), and I believe I'm near the tail end of CI3 now.

    I spend my time between San Antonio and Austin, and I'm a father to two incredible kids (one of which is an uncut boy). I'm also fortunate to have a wonderful fiancee that completely supports me on this journey. I was a member of the previous forum (RIP), but really happy to be part of the new home!

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      Hello! That's not a bad amount to start with! I'm starting at Ci-3 aswell, it's good to hear that you won't let it get to you. If anything you should be happy to start at such a Ci!
      Yes, sadly we lost the old forums but we can rebuild it. Who knows, maybe this will somehow result in some good down the road. Just stay positive and persistent, that's the key.