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    So ive been using the tugger for over a month now , i understand that i wont see much progress until maybe months 6 to a year. But as far as comfort. My Erections were uncomfortable until i started using this device and ive noticed i have alot more comfort now especially first thing in the morning when nature calls. Just wanted to mention this. Gonna keep goin!

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    It will only get better as each month goes bye, the skin will keep getting more slack. After awhile you will sense gliding action and more sensitivity.


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      Even if the visible changes are not super apparent, the fact that your erections feel more comfortable is a clear sign of progress, so congratulations on that!

      just a heads up: you might feel in a while that your erection feels less hard, once you have some mobile skin when erect. It can feel a bit weird in the beginning, but in fact you’ll soon realise that this is how it is supposed to be and that the tight (and painful) erections were just unnatural. Should you ever notice that, just force your skin back to be tight and you’ll notice that your erection is just as hard as it was before

      Good luck!
      There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

      Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x