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  • T-tape

    when applying t tape, does the middle of t-tape goes on the scar line or top end on the scar line? There was discrepancy between two posts that I saw

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    Ideally, you would put the middle of the tape at a "point of equilibrium" (POE) that allows for equal amounts of tension on both the inside and the outside when the tape is pulled forward. That should prevent the tape from coming off too quickly.

    Tape might not stick as easily to the inner foreskin, since it tends to be moist. If the tape does end up sticking strongly to the inner foreskin, you might have to worry about the mucosa being more fragile than skin - remove the tape carefully!

    I used to put the top edge at my scar line, even though my POE was actually farther away from it on my shaft. It worked, but I say that in the past tense because after a while, I switched to a tapeless device for convenience. Tape did seem more efficient, though, at more evenly distributing the tension around my shaft.