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  • New to this forum - not to tugging

    I started tugging about 15 years ago. I use a homemade device. Its provided great results... for the most part.

    I consider myself an extreme grower. My penis retracts to where only my glans is visible. I started tugging for 2 reasons - one of which seemed to backfire. Reason 1 was to increase sensitivity. Reason 2 was to hopefully give my flaccid child-sized penis more skin and hopefully get NOT retract so much. Well, it seems to retract more now.

    I have great progress to where I have about half of my glans covered when fully erect - where I'm just over 6 inches. When flaccid there is about 1 to 1.5 inches of well-wrinkled snout visible. Dont wrong, I'm happy with the progress. I'm just confused why I'm now more of a grower than before.

    Also I enjoy wearing cock rings. Not just for sex but for fun during the day. But I retract so much that my penis ends up out of the ring - unless I have at least a semi-erection.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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    I’m an extreme grower too but luckily my tiny soft wanker has not changed size - really can not afford that. I still grow to about 6. - didn’t gain there either. Damn!


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      LOL. Well, the fortunate part of this is; my erection stayed the same length. I'd just be quite embarrassed walking about a nudist camp with my child-sized flaccid.


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        Originally posted by Homemade Tugger View Post
        LOL. Well, the fortunate part of this is; my erection stayed the same length. I'd just be quite embarrassed walking about a nudist camp with my child-sized flaccid.
        I certainly can appreciate that!


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          I've uploaded 3 pics for reference.

          The first is what my penis typically looks like. When I started this journey the glans would be completely visible with a very small turtleneck of foreskin around the base of the corona. And when I say the glans would be visible, that's about the only thing visible.

          The second pic shows the amount of foreskin that I've created over the years [only tugging 1-2 days a week for 3-4 hours]. The backside of my thumb [closest to my body] is where the tip of my glans is. You can see that its buried in the back half. Arguably, when I'm flaccid, the only visible part of my penis is my foreskin.

          The third photo is more or less erect. My goal is to have complete coverage when erect. Ideally I'd like to have some extra foreskin when fully erect.

          My typical tugging routine is to tug a few hours then leave the device connected but relieve the tension. Leaving the device on like a retainer. Occasionally I'll tug for an hour or so, then retain. Keeping this cycle going for a few hours.


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            Great progress! I think, like most of us tend to be, you are being too hard on yourself. While you may be more of a grower, I don't think your flaccid state is anything to be ashamed of.
            Check out my restoration progress gallery here!


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              I appreciate the kind words. I know what you're saying and I think statistically there are more growers than showers in society. I guess I just want to look more adequate naked.


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                You certainly are getting results - good job!
                it occurs to me that growers might have an advantage when restoring for flaccid coverage since less skin is needed but at a disadvantage if we want any kind of coverage when erect. Even though I’m reliably fully covered while soft my restoring efforts are only noticeable when hard if I manually pull the skin forward.

                does my thinking stand to reason?


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                  You make perfect sence.

                  I was lucky when I started my tugging adventure because I had just enough foreskin - and to your point - I am a grower, so I think I did have an advantage.

                  From the pic you can see that I have a little coverage when erect. It's getting better a millimeter at a time LOL. But I with minimal pulling up I can cover the entire glans. It sure makes masturbating a lot easier.


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                    Lol, having a good wank is easier and better for me too. I guess that’s a nice side bonus.


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                      My personal experience from restoring is that I most definitely turned into a grower/not a shower.

                      Before starting to restore I averaged about 4.5" flaccid, after having enough skin to use a device I noticed (there was an underwear change from boxers to boxer briefs, the spandex like work out kind) which turned my normal flaccid state into half that while giving me about 50% glans coverage at that time.

                      No it isn't unheard of, everyone has a slightly different experience, but I had this happen on my own journey so it is not unusual imho.


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                        It's odd how gaining more foreskin did the same thing to you as me. I became more of a grower the more skin I gained.

                        I prefer to go commando. I do have a variety of underwear. From boxers to bikini to bikini pouch. But I prefer to wear none.

                        This may sound odd, but I feel comfortable here, so I'll say it. I like to be aware of my penis. And ever since my foreskin has stretched to full flaccid coverage, I can feel my penis more. I feel the sheathed part. I feel the new foreskin rubbing on my pants.

                        I've been wearing cock rings for years now but the more foreskin I get, the more retracted my penis gets. So, if I want to wear a cock ring in public I have to wear brief style underwear. Why? Because its now common for my penis to pop out of the ring leaving it on my balls only. And I would be mortified if it fell off completely and fell to the ground - especially at work. So I have to wear more confining underwear if I wear a cock ring.

                        I also have occasionally cut a slit in the bikini briefs so my penis can pop through. Thia gives me more of a feeling of going commando without the concern of having my coxk ring run amok.