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  • Hey, I am new here!


    I recently stumbled across the topic of foreskin restoration and I want to do it because I am really unhappy with the look of my penis. My foreskin is almost completely gone (pictures below) and I have troubles with pulling my foreskin above the glans. Do you have beginner taping or pulling (?) methods for a rather small leftover foreskin?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the group.

    No matter how much skin you have, there are all sorts of methods that will work for anyone. Various methods of pulling on the skin (known as "manual tugging") are described here:

    The same site has a large list of restoring techniques, which includes a few tape methods:

    Good luck!


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      Welcome! The go to methods for getting started are manual and taping. Especially for those with little skin left. Devices typically require having enough skin to at least partially cover your glans. Read the links that Z726 provided and then if you have further questions, just ask.



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        Thanks a lot!

        I am starting with method 2 from now on, do I do it correctly? My other hand isn't pulling the skin down because I took the photo with it, but I am basically supposed to grab and pull the skin right on the cut while my other hand pulls it down, right?


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          Yes. Manual is basically pulling your skin to apply tension. Where you hold it when you pull on it, and the direction you pull lets you adjust tension to different areas. For example, from the photo, it looks like you are applying tension mostly to the shaft area, so if you keep doing that, and use enough tension, that is where the skin will grow.

          There are a number of variations for manual, both to allow tension to be focused on different areas, and to provide different ways to apply tension in case that helps.

          Remember, we are applying tension to trigger the skin cells to grow more skin. Nothing magic about any particular way to apply this tension, tension is tension.



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            So I have been tugging for three days now and I have tugged the skin for roughly 20 to 30 minutes a day, should I instantly jump to 60 or 120 minutes a day or should I adjust the time step by step?



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              If it were me, I would wait a few months and see how my progress was doing. Is there a total amount of time you are trying to tug? How much confidence do you have that that amount of time will give you significantly better progress?

              On the other hand, if you want to go to 60-120 minutes, try it. I see no reason why you have to add time incrementally, unless your skin is feeling or looking like stress is reaching a point where you are risking injury. Redness, swelling, discomfort and/or pain would be the signs.