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    Hello, I've browsed this forum for many years as my interest in restoring my foreskin has grown. I have tried a few different methods of foreskin restoration (manual stretching, o rings, trombone mouthpiece with tape, tlc-x) since 2014 however I've never kept a disciplined routine for more than a few weeks at a time with months and sometimes years in between. That changed in July of 2019 when I started taking it more seriously. Since then I've been restoring 4-6 days a week using a DTR. I use the pushrod and lock screw when I'm on the go and I use inflation when I'm working at my desk.

    I was CI1 when I began years ago and through manual stretching and other off and on(mostly off) methods I moved to CI2 over the course of a few years. In the last 6 months I've moved from CI2 to CI3 and from 50% FEC to 85% FEC. I'm looking forward to officially being a part of this community and tracking my progress here.

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    Welcome to the group ATH3.


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      I created a progress page for tracking. I've uploaded my journey so far and pictures.