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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm excited to start my journey of foreskin restoration. I'm looking at getting everything real soon and starting my journey full force by April. My husband is uncut and I have always wondered what it would be like to have had foreskin myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciative.


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    Consistency is key no matter what you choose to do. Pain is the enemy, that means you are pushing to hard and need to back off some.

    Good luck to you on your journey, every day can be a gain even if it doesn't show.


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      1. s0mebody is right, moderate action (with experimentation) is key, as is endurance. This process takes years. Early evidence of "success" will be tiny wrinkles in whatever covering tissue you are focusing on.

      2. But, when I read your post reads, I'm prompted to say, tugging WILL NOT give you everything your partner has. So-called "restoration" is a misnomer; you will NOT end up with a natural, completely restored foreskin. If he has one, mazeltov. But you won't, ever, which is why the intactivist message here is so important.

      3. You can (and will, if you endure) restore more functional (sensitive, wet) mucosa, with coverage of that tissue. A longer skin-tube (which is what I call it; others here call results different terms, in recognition that what they end up with is NOT a natural foreskin) can also provide a kind of psychological safety, something you don't read much about online.

      4. So......some qualities you would have had if not circumcised, will result (primary among those is natural tissue coverage). But not all of the anatomical and physiological qualities you partner has.


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        Sorry, my above post is a bit disjointed because I can't go back and edit (I don't have that capability), but it is all true and factual in my personal experience, and verbatim, as I think it while my fingers hit the keys.

        Bottom line message? We restored guys do NOT have foreskins and never will, we have "skin tubes" which cover our mucosa-covered distal penile features: sulcus, corona, glans. Is restoration worth the years and effort? Absolutely, so don't let disjointed posts give you any other impression. I'm finished, I have so-called flaccid coverage just beyond the glans tip. Does it stay there ALL of the time? No.It can roll up or be displaced a bit (not far proximally), but it does stay in place most of the time, partly because of the length of the tube (beyond the tip), and partly because of wet mucosa creating an adhesive force between mucosa and epidermis (shaft skin). And my sensitivity has increased very, very dramatically. When we finished guys talk about "all over body orgasm", this too is a misonomer, what is meant is when you climax it is so intense that your "all over" muscles tense up during the orgasm. I experience this due to restoration and coverage. I hope you take the plunge and hand in. Good luck.


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          luck and many successes