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  • Hi all, my story

    As a kid I had some infections on my penis, hurting while peeing, with sometimes pus coming out. Tried some creams etc., can't remember really good since I was only a few years old.

    No doubt, there must have been some real solutions that would have stopped the infection. But on doctors advice my parents decided to do a partially circumcision when I was about 3 years old (now in my late twenties.
    The surgeon asked my mother just before the operation "I was a full circumcision?" "No a partially circumcision." my mother answered. Thank god that it did not got worse than it is now.

    Sometimes I hate my parents (especially mother, she was most involved in caring for the children, my father didn't really bother) because there must have been a true solution or the infections must have faded away by themselves.

    Anyway, I made a paint drawing of the appearance of my penis, see attachment.

    See attachement:
    Picture #1:
    the circumcision was not done straight as you can see, on the left part there was very little removed, the right part more.
    I don't really know if I am missing a lot of feeling/sensation in my penis. But masturbation/sex is no big problem, I get an orgasm quite quickly and it feels quite good.
    Part A is quite sensitive, Part B is less sensitive, Part C is scar tissue. The glans is a bit hardened and very little sensitive on top and quite soft and sensitive at the lower part.

    I am ashamed of my penis and would for example not go naked to a sauna.

    Picture #2:
    the foreskin looks like this when I roll it to the front in normal penis mode.
    But the skin will slide down automatically, so my glans is almost completely exposed in my underwear (except the lowest edge).
    Also when I am standing nude my glans will be exposed and foreskin rolled back.

    I fold my penis most of the time when wearing underwear, moving the skin underneath over the glans and 'folding' the penis inward. This works a bit but it will slip of easily, for example when I am playing sport for example. Or when it's warm weather and the penis is more 'lose' the skin will also easily go back exposing the glans.

    Picture #3 and #4:
    I would like the foreskin to be a little longer and be straight, especially on the right part. And stay straight and cover the glans while standing nude and in my underwear.

    Would it be possible to stretch the pretty sensitive and moist part D ? By taping (T) underneath or applying tension a other way for instance with rings (R1 and R2) of using a glans sleeve and rings, or an "Extender Pro" an a ring just underneath D and put strain with something in between these two.

    The tapeless tugging method will extend the "inner part" and the "outer part" of the 'foreskin'. Wouldn't it?

    I would like to only extend the inner part of the foreskin (part D), since it is still a bit moist and a bit sensitive.

    I hope the skin (part D) will extend by growing the same sensitive moist skin, is that logical or will it destroy the sensitive part also?

    Is that a wise thing or dangerous?

    Would the scar tissue also extend?

    Thanks in advance for advice.

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    Hello there. Don't fret too much, a lot of guys not cut have foreskins like that. Easy fix. Just do manual on the side that's short and when it's evened out, get a device and grow some more.evenly. you are SO far ahead of most guys. I bet due to your younger age you could be completely done in a year or 2 max. As you gain skin with a dual tension device, your scar will dissipate and diffuse while under tension so it is not so prominent. But first do manual to even things up.


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      Sorry you were cut.
      Originally posted by kalimera View Post
      Would it be possible to stretch the pretty sensitive and moist part D ?
      Yes. I recommend an extensible tapeless tugger which lets you add tension to that skin specifically.

      Most importantly I recommend you wear a retaining cone during all non-tugging hours to make the glans as supple as it can be.

      As for the asymmetry, you can manually tug on the shorter part for an extra minute or two from now on with every trip to the toilet.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        Thank you for your comments. I think I go for the manually tug method on one side first. And maybe buy a retainer cone.
        @admin: you say that 'an extra minute or two of tugging' will straighten up the asymmetry. I though you needed about one hour of tugging a day, or am I incorrect?

        I was wondering if I miss the ridged band. How could I found out?

        It depends on the method of circumcision isn't it? I was circumcised as an 3 year old so could the foreskin be retracted yet? I don't know if I had stitches, don't think so though..

        On this site I read

        FIGURE 2.
        The “tug-and-chop” method of circumcision.

        Or this method:

        FIGURE 15.
        The Sunathrone device."

        How do I found out if I am missing the ridged band? Can someone tell me based on my first post in this topic?
        Thank you.


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          If you are cut you are most definitely missing the ridged band. This is the first thing to go in ALL cricumcisions because it is at the end of the foreskin. Some loose cuts can still retain a very little bit of it.


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            Okay, thank you.

            But wouldn't there be scar between the inner foreskin and the outer foreskin, if the 'tip' (/ridged band) is cut of?
            So if you pull back de remaining foreskin wouldn't you see first the outer foreskin then a scar line and then de remaining inner foreskin? And what about the blood vessels and nerves in the remaining inner foreskin?

            How come I have what appears to be scar tissue just underneath the glans (see picture in the opening post). If only the tip would be cut of then the remaining inner foreskin must have been still be attached to glans? Wouldn't it?

            Or does this not happen when done at an early age (done when I was about 3 years old) because de inner foreskin isn't fully developed yet?

            Thanks again.