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  • Hi I Am New Here:

    I hate Circumcision but I never talk about it with anybody else. I just assume that they are all circumcized and they will be offended if I say that I am against Circumzising. But really I hate it and I think that Circumzising is the Male verison of Female Genital Mutilation. It IS Mutiliation and as far as I am concerned, it is Mollestation and Rape. It is just as bad. And creeps go to Medical School, masquerade as a OB GYN and satisfy their "needs" to slice off the foreskin of innocent, helpless, Can't-Even-Walk-Yet, It-Makes-Them-An-Easy-Target, and then they babble about "Hygiene" and "Preventing Disease". Kellogg's and World "Health" Organization is spreading these lies and they are spreading them to U.S.A. and guess what they are also spreading them in Africa. I'm sorry but really it is just another way to be cruel towards Africa. The day when people stop Circumzising will be a nice day. I myself am Restoring but I am afriad to tell anybody be cause of two reaosn.
    1. Because they will be not against circumzing.
    2. It is decades of living with this Barbaric Religious Ritual I never asked to be in this Ritual, and I never even asked to be born into a religion! But when you are born into a relgioun, and then they take part of your body, an ugly scar, not unlike a Religious Tattoo, that if you leave Religoun, you will still have that ugly scar!! But Regenerating Foreskin will reverse the Ugly Scar Of Relgioun. Also Foreskin is what men are born with and I decide what do to with my body. Some "Parents" only have children for the wrong reasons, to collect welfares, or to brainwash them, and some think that Children are the Property of parents, and taht children have NO HUMAN RIGHTS, whcih gives them the right to do taht to chidlren?! They say that children do not know any better, they do not know every thing about the wrold, OH REALLY?! So that means that once they are recognziesd age as Adults, or become Parents, then they MAGICALLY KNOW EVERYTHING??!! LOL. -_- Also I read these stories on The Internet that Foreskins are what makes sex Sex. I guess that makes snese because I have only felt PAIN. So I believe that being Intact provides many POSITIVE hygiene and physical and emotional benefits. And has no spreading of disease. Okay so I am going to wrap this up I am glad that this website and factory of Foreskin Regenerating Devices exist. You deserve Nobel Peace Prize. On your FAQ there is a question saying "If nobody circumcises then does that mean taht TLC Tugger will go out of business?" I have a suggestion: In a few decades when Africa researches The Internet, please sell these devices to Africa; You will make a fortune. Sorry I am very nervous. I will go now.

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    I feel you man, sorry for your loss. It's great that you are aware of your feelings for being circumcised. Feel free to reach out, there are many great people on this forum