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    Hello everyone! I am a 33 year old man from the USA (Florida) beginning my own restoration.

    Since I first learned about circumcision, I have been against doing it to newborns. Oddly enough, nobody asked my opinion on the subject, until last year. My best friend asked my opinion as to whether she should circumcise her son, and I had a ready-made rant!

    Needless to say, her son is a healthy and intact young boy and I have finally decided to restore myself. I am five days in the canister method at the moment, and already seeing some skin growth. I am super excited about continuing this journey and grateful that there are resources like this group for men like me with many, many questions.

    To whoever created this -- thank you for this forum. And to the rest of you, I look forward to sharing my progress and "paying it forward" to others who come after me to restore themselves.

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    First off, congrats on starting your FR, and I wish you the best of luck going forward. That's awesome that you were able to spare that boy from being cut; thankfully, it seems like the practice is dying out...just very slowly.

    Minor correction, though: it takes a lot longer than 5 days to actually grow new skin. What you're seeing is your existing skin staying slightly stretched, after the tension is removed. This is why it's recommended to restore a little bit past your end-goal—because, when you stop, the stretch goes away (making it appear as though you've lost skin growth, which doesn't happen).
    If you were to stop today, that stretch would disappear within a week or two, and you'd look the same as you did before you started. Growing new skin takes months, which is why it takes years of tugging to grow enough to fully cover the glans.

    I really hope I'm not raining on your parade. Just figured that's a piece of info every restorer should know, and I know it can be tough to figure everything out when you're new. Hell, I've been at it for over 2 years, and I still make mistakes.


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      Originally posted by restoring_self View Post
      I am a 33 year old
      Welcome. Sorry you were cut. Congrats on commencing with restoring 5 years younger than I did.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        Welcome to the forum. I echo everything posted by The Metal One and admin. Glad to know there’s another Floridian on the forum. Also, kudos to you for enlightening your friend. Please encourage her to read up and research on how she or the baby’s father might speak with him as to the proper ways of cleaning or caring for his penis once his foreskin naturally detaches from his glans. I’ve heard this occurs roughly anytime between the ages of 5-18 years of age. It can happen as early as 5, usually around 13, but as late as 18. I think that’s what I’d read somewhere. In the meantime, she should only wash what she can see and NEVER try to forcibly retract his foreskin. Only he gets to do that. Good luck on your journey & KOT!