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Short Frenulum Uncut guy trying to avoid loosing my foreskin

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  • Short Frenulum Uncut guy trying to avoid loosing my foreskin

    Hey guys whos its going? I don't know if this is the proper part of the forum to ask but I will give it a try.
    Im 25 and at the beginning of 2020 I decide to go to the doctor because I was feeling soreness/pain on my frenulum, I always feel that my skin was kinda tight on the back of my gland and when I retract the foreskin its like having like a belt, so at this point I understand that it was a problem.
    On the consult the doctor he told me that my frenulum was short and thats why when I move the skin back its tight and forms like a belt and that I don't have phimosis after that he sends me to have a consult with surgeon who told me that I need a circumcision. I have met other surgeon and he told me the same.
    Im trying to avoid this I don't want to loose my foreskin and I have read alot about the lack of sensation and all the probles of getting a circumcision would cause.

    Some people told me to look on jelqing and other types of massages to stretch the sking but but i still dont know what to do. What do you guys think?

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    You can have the frenulum cut or extended, by far better than a penis butchering circumcision. Here is one link I found


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      Getting your dick sliced up is an absolute last resort. Start doing manual stretching every day. Stretch the frenulum to lengthen or loosen it and your problems should go away quickly. Start with a small amount of tension in your stretches to where you are taking all the slack out of your skin and hold the tension for 10 to 30 seconds. repeat this a few times every hour of the day. work up to more cycles every session. skin will grow where tension is applied and this will solve your issue without making an irreversible mistake of taking a knife to your dick. Daily stretching to loosen the skin will solve all your problems.


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        As Woody noted, even if you choose a surgical route, there are frenulum-only procedures. Circumcision is gross overkill and any surgeon who brought it up first instead of a much less invasive procedure is not to be trusted with your penis. The reality is surgery is almost certainly unnecessary if you're willing to put a little stretching in (much less stretching than is required to replace a whole foreskin, mind you!)
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          I agree that it sounds like you were given biased recommendations. You should have an easy time, compared to us restorers, growing the small fenulum area so it stops being uncomfortable. A few minutes a day. I would try that first, give it a few months, and see what you think. You can always do the much more damaging amputation of your foreskin later, if less damaging alternatives don't solve the issue.

          Here are some resources to help you:

          Short frenulum: what is it, symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment | Top Doctors

          Conservative Treatment | Doctors Opposing Circumcision

          Frenulum breve - no reason for circumcision (

          Tight Foreskin | The Student Room

          I would first try stretching (actually applying tension to grow more skin) and see if a few months of that helped. if not, I would go to a doctor and get them to prescribe steroid ointment, then give that a try, probably with continued lengthening (stretching) treatment by me. If none of that was successful, then I would find a doctor that would recommend a frenuplasty. I would avoid amputating the foreskin. That may releive symptoms, but at the cost of a loss of sexual pleasure and functions, for both you and your partner(s).



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            It seems to me your best course of action would be to work on stretching your frenulum, as others have suggested. I would advise against using any steroid medication, as any tissue you grow will be weaker. You'd grow faster, but frenulums can tear. I'm sure that's not how you want to solve this problem.

            The same principles that make foreskin restoration work should also apply to your frenulum, and you should be able to grow it. If you did have phimosis, I'd give the same advice, because they are—in essence—the same problem: more skin needs to be grown. Perhaps you can adapt some taping methods to pull and hold your foreskin down, as far as is comfortable while still providing a good stretch, and you could incorporate that into your daily life. It'd be much easier than stretching entirely by hand.

            Fortunately, you won't have to wait nearly as long as us cut guys take to regrow what we lost. I'd be amazed if it took more than a year of diligent work to get yourself to a place where you won't be in pain anymore.
            Best of luck!


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              Definitely don't get circ'd... try stretching first and if that doesn't work, find a doctor sensible enough to leave your foreskin intact instead of just hacking the whole thing off and causing even worse problems.


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                thanks you all guys! i really hope this work on me.
                I will start with the stretching, i been reading all the links and i gonna try the excercises.
                and thanks for the advice on the steroid medication, i didnt know that the skin would become more fragile with that.

                I gonna try to keep an update on it!
                Again thanks you guys!