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  • Hello everyone

    I'm a 26 year old guy living in the UK just getting into restoration. I was circumcised aged 11 (cultural/medical ignorance reasons) and although I did become aware that it was unnecessary in my teens I always thought it was a purely aesthetic and ease of cleaning difference and was not bothered as I did not understand it's true impact on the penis in terms of sexual sensation until recently. I have been vaguely aware of restoration for a good while now but never did any research and had always thought it was impossible, similar to parents saying don't make funny expressions or your face will get stuck like that, lol. Thankfully I stumbled onto many testimonials of men saying how beneficial it was to them and realised there is more to it than I had initially given credit for. Also researched possible foreskin regrowth surgeries and realised they are either too far off (foregen) at this present time or the currently available surgeries are purely aesthetic, so I may as well get restoring and if there is a medical breakthrough down the road then of course I would jump on that.

    I have read a beginner's guide to restoration and I would like to ask the following questions:

    Am I correct in thinking that the recommended process is to initially manually restore until the point wherein a device can be brought in, or can you go the whole way manually?

    As far as circumcisions go, while I am obviously against it, I do not think I have a particularly bad cut in comparison to horror stories from other circumcised men. I do still have my frenulum and thankfully have never had painful erections, does this impact which manual method I should use or is that up to personal preference?

    Can you, or should you, mix methods? Or is it better to stick to one?

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    You can indeed go the whole way manually.

    To make the whole process sound as simple as possible: you're pulling on the skin. You can do that with your hands, or you can do that with a device.

    A device can pull the skin more gently, over a much longer period of time, but the skin will definitely grow with the more brief manual tugging sessions interspersed throughout your day. The big difference that devices make, though, is that they will keep your glans covered. This can be helpful to those who want to regain some sensitivity before they've yet restored any permanent coverage.

    The best method for you to use is really a matter of personal preference. Mixing methods can certainly be done -- as I mention above, they all just involve pulling on the skin. Sometimes it can be helpful to vary your device or routine, to ensure that you don't get bored with any one method, but what really matters is that you keep tugging. Consistency is what will allow you to reach your goal eventually.


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      For my part, I started with TLC-X complete package. Used strapping over one shoulder to get me farther along. Still use TLC-X, but prefer attaching dangler weights, 20-36 oz. with varying combinations of weights.
      Purchased stealth retainer weight system as an alternate and do so continuously throughout my regimen with TLC-X. These are my two main methods. I’m pleased with my progress. Was thinking about adding an air inflation device named ‘FIT’, but haven’t made that leap as yet. Some restorers get fast results, others achieve it slower over time. I guess it really does depend on the individual as far as his preferences and how well he copes with other factors like impatience, frustration and fatigue of restorations. I wish you luck in your journey.


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        Starting with manual methods is only a necessity for those who lack the amount of slack skin it takes to start using a device. Unless you're cut tightly, which it sounds like you're not, most devices will be usable right at the beginning. You just need to have enough for the device to get a grip that won't slide off in 1/2 an hour, which is easier than it sounds.

        Of course, if you want to, you can restore using nothing but manual methods...though I will say, I've noticed that guys who restore this way tend to achieve slower progress.
        When it comes to HOW you restore, there are only two bases you have to cover:
        1, are you applying tension to your inner skin?
        2, are you applying tension to your outer (shaft) skin?

        As long as you're able to check off those two metaphorical boxes, you will make progress if you keep at it.
        That said, mixing certain things together can make it easier to do it. For example, I have a DTR that tensions my inner skin, and I use a leg-strap with it to tension the outer skin. In the past, I used the TLC-X/DTR by themselves, and used manual to target the shaft skin.

        There are pros and cons to most methods of restoring, and while the number of options might be overwhelming at first—part of the journey is figuring out what makes sense for you. If you're more comfortable tugging manually, either due to convenience or a lack of funds, and you feel like you're seeing the results you want to see...I see no reason to change anything.

        So, to directly answer your last question(s): You can mix methods, and should add to or change your methods depending on the results you see. There is no benefit, that I'm aware of, to choosing one method and sticking with it, as opposed to those who swap methods/devices over the course of time.


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          Originally posted by iranian1994 View Post
          Can you, or should you, mix methods? Or is it better to stick to one?
          As we gain slack, new methods may come into the realm of possibility, and we should always be checking our Forced Erect Coverage monthly or quarterly so we know our methods are productive. But I'm a fan of day-to-day consistency. I'd like to think that if we're careful to always wear a certain targeted spot of the skin tube at the skinny part if using a tapered device, then we can hope for the targeted spot to become the most natural-looking puckered roll-over point when we're all restored in the future.

          See also: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...f-the-foreskin

          And: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...8691#post38691
          -Ron Low
          [email protected]
          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help.


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              Hi iranian - greetings from Ireland.
              As far as we know, all the methods/devices for foreskin restoration work. It is a matter of you reading the descriptions and using 2 or 3 methods/devices which fit in with your daily schedule. Consistency is the key - long breaks = bad.
              I personally used the T-tape method to gain full reliable realistic flaccid coverage of my glans. One of the best things that I have ever done for myself.
              Best wishes

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