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    Having been circumcised as a newborn, not having any brothers, attending public school where gym wasn't required, and being rather cloistered I wasn't introduced to the uncircumcised penis until college. It was four distinct experiences during college and grad school that started me on my way to restoring.

    My freshman year roommate was one who would lounge around our room in his underwear all the time. Now remember I was rather sheltered growing up, so his wide variety of styles of underwear fascinated me. Until this point I had only worn briefs. During the early part of the fall semester he coaxed me into lounging in my underwear. From there he convinced me to try new styles of underwear. (By the end of the semester I was wearing anything from boxers to trunks, jock straps to a cock sock.) Finally at the beginning of the spring semester I walked into our room and he was naked, masturbating, with a big bottle of lube next to him. Until this point I hadn't seen him naked. He didn't seem to mind me being there, so I slowly took off my clothes and thong and stared to get hard. He jestured towards the lube, but I said I didn't need any. At that point he stopped and asked me why. I didn't really understand the question until I looked at his erection and saw his penis looked as if the skin was being pulled to the point to tearing. It was then that I realized that not everyone had the same type of circumcision.

    Fast forward to my junior year. I took a semester in Lancaster, England. The dorms were coed and so were the bathrooms. It didn't take long for everyone on my floor to notice I was different than all the rest of the guys. I was the only guy that didn't have a foreskin. One day when I couldn't help getting aroused when my next room neighbor walked to the shower next to me. She fit my mental picture of the ideal form, and without walls between the showers I got to see the full picture. Now it wasn't out of the ordinary for for anyone on the floor to see anyone else naked in the bathroom, or sporting an erection, this was the first time I 'reacted' seeing her. When she noticed she told me she didn't go for guys with "dry, cracked heads. "

    Then came my senior year, and a new roommate. Now it was my turn to convince the roommate to lounge around in his underwear and convince him to wear something other than boxers. Once he became comfortable things relaxed a lot, we'd spend most of our time in the room only in underwear. The dorm we lived in had a shared bathroom with the next room, so we would often enter the room through the bathroom. Then came the day that changed things with him. I had forgotten to check his schedule for the day and invited my girlfriend over for some fun. He came into the room from our neighbors room, already only in his jock to see my girlfriend and myself going to town. He seemed slightly embarrassed, but he quickly recovered and there was a change in his eyes. Prior to this he didn't know that my girlfriend and I were sexually active. He looked at my girlfriend and me and asked if we wanted "to see a real cock?" He proceeded to pull off his jock strap and expose his uncircumcised penis that was fully erect with full coverage and hangover (CI-10+). He walked over, grabbed my quickly re-growing penis with his and pulled us over to my girlfriend. We spent the rest of the semester experiencing each other. Although as the semester proceeded my girlfriend told me that sex with him was better, because he was uncircumcised. They are married today and have three girls.

    The last leg of my journey to restoration came while I was in grad school. I shared a house with three guys, and we were all comfortable with one another. Two of the guys were circumcised like me, but the fourth guy, who was engaged, wasn't quite uncircumcised but didn't seem circumcised either. He told us one evening that his fiancé had asked him if he had considered restoring. He looked into it and had been working at it for about a year. After losing my girlfriend to someone fully intact, I asked him what he was doing and decided it was time to give it a try. He has subsequently finished restoring at CI-8, with a purse string procedure.

    In 2006 I started restoring. At my starting point I was probably a CI-2. Lose enough that I didn't need lube to masturbate, but not lose enough for pulling any skin over my glans. My first technique was manual tugging, which I worked on for about two months before I was loose enough to start using a DTR. When my wife and I started dating I kept my restoration from her. It wasn't until one day while we were having sex that she noticed something different. I wasn't 'rubbing' her in the same way. I opened up to her about it and she was supportive. I made good progress until our first boy was born (we kept both of our boys uncircumcised). I was approaching CI-5, but I had gained a good deal of weight. With a little one at home priorities shifted, and I stopped restoring. Moving to the pandemic, I realized I was very over weight and at a higher risk needlessly. So I started working on losing weight and two things have happened with losing so much weight. First losing the weight had made my penis longer, which makes my wife happy. But second losing weight and a longer penis means I've reverted to a CI-3, which makes sex less pleasant for my wife, especially as my glans has dried out again.

    I decided to pick up restoring again. My wife is supportive and together we made two goals. The satisfied goal is CI-8, but the real goal is CI-10.

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    Welcome! or Welcome Back if you were on here in the past!

    We all go at our own pace, taking breaks as we need them. Keep on tugging!


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      Thanks for sharing your experiences gaining insight into the benefits of slack skin.

      Originally posted by Oppie2003 View Post
      I wasn't 'rubbing' her in the same way.
      I'm pretty sure you mean your penile skin had mobility which felt different to your wife upon penetration.

      But restoring also makes the glans more supple as you mentioned. In the sex play in my house we enjoy putting a vibrating ring around the base of my erect penis and using my buzzing glans to tickle and tease my wife's vulva and clitoris. If my glans was still rough, this would be a no-go. So I'm rubbing her in an added new way since restoring.
      { me before restoring:
      me after restoring: }

      Also, since restoring I learned - after 3 decades of sexual experience - what slinking slack feels like when it's enrobing my glans. This informs the way I manually rub my wife's clitoral hood and clitoris. She seemed a lot more mysterious to me before I had a hood of my own. So that's yet another way I'm rubbing her in a new way since restoring.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago