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  • Reintroduction

    Well i sauntered through today fro the first time in a while, to see the forum had lost most of it's posts and a whole load of members. So I've signed back up, I'm disappointed my starting pictures have gone as I hadn't backed them up anywhere else and I lost my phone, but c'est la vie.

    I've been restoring on and off for 18 months now, starting from a very tight cut with hardly any foreskin remnant at all. progress is painfully slow, but it is there - I'm starting to see some wrinkling of skin behind the corona when flaccid, but only on the dorsal side. Anyway I'm carrying on, hopeful that it gets faster as I get some loose skin.

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    jcw 1407, I am looking over what posts are available from Ron's now defunct board, and if I come across any of your posts from the old board, will let you know.

    is jcw1407 the same name you used on the old board, or should I be looking for your posts under a different name?


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      Thanks for that, yes I was jcw1407 on the old board....