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  • Tormod
    Stobal - I started restoration in about the same state as you. I used the T-tape method from start to end. It is described in the "Taping" section of methods.
    I was well into restoring when I made the photographs - the method can be used from the start.
    Please do not take as long as I did.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Ah, a picture is worth.........well, you know : )

    You have a typical result from circumcision.

    It could be worse. We, who have been on forums for years, have seen some truly horrendous mistakes from circ, but thankfully that isn't you (any more than circ destroys what Nature intended). So "tight and low" as you call it allows you to use a device soon, I would think. Your shaft skin should (temporarily) stretch fairly easily using manual, allowing you to grip it and place manual tension on it, or even temporarily stretch enough to roll onto a canister, using the canister/tape/strap method (I did almost my entire tugging journey with a canister, after I experimented with several methods).

    Tugging, also known as so-called "restoration", requires you to experiment with methods and schedules. I know that guys don't want to hear that. Everybody would rather just slap a device on and hope for the magic to happen from the device only, but you will have to find a method that you can tolerate from day to day, for anything to happen, and even then you will find yourself changing some aspect of what you are doing. In other words, it requires you to take the whole experience into your own hands. So........start manually pulling (doesn't matter which direction you pull, as long as you are putting tension on your shaft skin), or experiment with the canister, see if this method can be used now.

    This is my advice.

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  • Stobal

    Hallo! Thank you for responding, much appreciated!

    It's a low and lose cut, as far as I know. This means that the outer skin is completely removed and most of the inner skin as well. Basically no skin left over unless it had to be there in order to stitch it up again. As you can see on my pictures.

    There is no skin to roll onto anything unless I push my glans towards the body. It's about 17 cm erect and then there is about 1,5 cm of inner foreskin left. Gives about 15,5 cm of erect shaft skin. Considering the cut at a later stage in life, there is hair growth at the stem upwards.

    The link below shows a penis which looks like mine did. No apparent phimosis when flaccid. So the story goes.

    Generally wondering about someone who might come up and say: "You were an adult and knew about right and wrong". No quite like so, Sir, I understand your consideration but I also understand and love the fun loving and carefree young people of this world. The ones who couldn't care much about a little change, wanting it the way they want it: in function.

    So, now I am going to look at manual tugging.

    Have a nice Friday, 13th...

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  • dc101
    Thanks for sharing and asking your question!

    I'd agree with Info, in that it's unclear from your first post what "very tight and low" means. "Outer" skin is the skin that will go from your body out onto the shaft, until it reaches your circumcision scar. The "inner" skin will generally be a pinkish skin that goes from your circumcision scar to your glans.

    I don't have it all very well memorized, but I think tight and low would mean that your skin when erect is tight, and that your circumcision scar is very close to your glans, meaning that you have very little pink skin, the majority would be the regularly colored skin that comes out from the body (this is the skin that has hair follicles, which from your post, it sounds like when erect you have a lot of hair on the shaft?)

    It would be good to know, in inches/cm, how much pink skin you have when erect, and the % of this skin compared to overall length. For instance, for me, I have about 2" of pink inner skin (I was cut high and tight) and 4" of outer skin.

    Personally, I never enjoyed the manual methods. I use the DTR exclusively for restoration. I had very, very little starting skin (especially little outer skin) and was able to successfully use the DTR. If you want more info, I'll gladly share. My personal philosophy (from my experience), is that the best method is the one that you're most comfortable with and can use consistently. So for me, manual tugging/pulling and even taping were hassles, so I really enjoy the DTR that (for me) is easy to work into my daily life.

    Congratulations on starting out. For me, I really felt more confident when I found a system that I could use week by week and integrate into my daily life. Over time, I've seen some very encouraging results.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    A description of your circumcision result, using words, is somewhat difficult to see in the imagination, for the reader, so a photo or just a drawing might help. But from what I understand of your post, you were left mostly old inner mucosa on your shaft, with not a lot of shaft skin? If that's so, this arrangement is opposite from the usual US circumcision, where there is not very much old inner mucosa, and mostly shaft skin present. If this is the case, then congratulations, you were left much more of the sensitive tissue, which will give you benefit once it is covered and returned to function.

    But......for now this arrangement might present a problem with using devices right away, because you usually need enough shaft skin (the less sensitive tissue) to roll onto the device to fix it in place. So I have to say that a simple manual method seems to be the way to begin. Really, in either case, manual is a good way to begin because it allows you to get a feel (no pun intended) for what tugging involves.

    So, based on what I think you are describing: manual for at least several months, just to see what's what.

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  • Stobal
    started a topic How to get the going started?

    How to get the going started?


    This issue is part of my life for over about a 13 years. Information on the german internet about the delicacy of circumcision wasn't widely available back in those days, so I got my cut during early adulthood at 21 - assuming it should be alright. Other's have it, why shouldn't I? I had it cut because of an undetected phimosis which was apparent only when erect.

    The cut is very tight and low, there's no skin left. It results in a regular shave of my shaft in order to make it look halfway sane, freed from hair growth. No need to comment on that.

    I've been looking at restoration earlier but refrained from it because I can't get it started. I'll post pictures, first time ever, if it helps - maybe someone around knows what to do, if anything at all.

    I am looking for a way to get the going started. Suppose, this issue with starting has been posted a hundred times before, I happily join that crowd one more time. I understand that this takes a long time, years, and results show slowly. I am eager to get this started again.

    Thanks for reading.