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New to Restoration. Excited to start this journey.

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  • New to Restoration. Excited to start this journey.

    Hello, gentlemen. I am new to restoration, although I have been thinking about it since I was 17, so for a long, long time. I am kicking myself now for not jumping in earlier. Thinking about all that wasted time kills me.

    Anyway, a little about me... Like a lot of guys, I was cut when I was an infant. I have roughly .75-1" of inner skin left. CI is between 1-2 depending on the attitude of my penis. I am definitely a shower and not a grower. My flaccid length usually sits around 7", 6.5" at the smallest. Erect I am 8" on the dot. I do not know if this will be a benefit or detriment to my restoration process.

    My goal is to obtain a flaccid CI-8, but realistically I would be happy if I got to 7 or 6, with my scar on the inside. Just doing some rough calculations and using my circumcision scar as a point of reference, I need between 2-2.5" of skin. I have read that you should expect 1-3mm of growth per month. At that rate, using 3mm, it would take me between 17-22 months. And roughly 30 months to get full erect coverage. Does that sound right?

    I had a tough time choosing between the DTR and the TLC-X, but I decided to go with TLC-X. I cant wait to start growing!
    Thank you guys for blazing the trail and helping the rest of us out along the way!
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    You may not have quite enough skin to start with the TLC X. I'd suggest you get familiour with manual technique #2 to get started as you wait for the TLC-X. You may need to use this (or t-strap tape method) for 3 - 4 months initially.

    One final comment for you to consider: There are times when the scrotum grows as the penis "relaxes" to how it was designed. Add 6 months to your expectations so you aren't disappointed or discouraged if this takes longer than expected.
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      Thank you for the advice. I have just started manual stretching in the last week. I also have an adhesion on one small spot at the circ scar that keeps the skin there immobile. All other skin is freely moving except that one damn spot. If anyone has advice on how to address this, I am all ears.


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        Originally posted by bbb
        Thank you for the advice. I have just started manual stretching in the last week. I also have an adhesion on one small spot at the circ scar that keeps the skin there immobile. All other skin is freely moving except that one damn spot. If anyone has advice on how to address this, I am all ears.
        Just go on tugging, and the adhesion stands a fair chance of changing for the better eventually. I can't promise this of course, but various types of local blemishes and features can be affected for the better with skin expansion. It is common, for example, to see the scar break down a bit and "fade" due to the cycles of tension on this tissue. This happens over time, of course.

        Speaking of time, and just to give you a little perspective, don't expect 17, or 22, or even 72 months as the total amount of time it takes to realize your stated goal. Most likely it will take longer. Sometimes much longer. But the benefits are real (some of which you'll experience before you've finished), so the time it takes is worth it.

        And a third note: if you want your scar on the inside, then just tug. If you tug for shaft skin mostly then your scar begins under the temporary coverage, and when you've grown some additional skin, it will always stay covered when you roll the loose skin down to form a temporary tube out of that loose skin. That's the way it works.


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          Wow. 72 months. I really never thought it would take 6 years to go from CI-1 to CI-7 or 8.


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            Yeah, 5 to 6 years is about right. I've been at it for almost 3 years now and I've gone from a stupid tight CI1 to CI 3.5+ where I have been for quite some time. This point is known as "the hump" and is particularly frustrating because it seems like nothing is happening, but it is. Just keep tugging when you get there. Eat a good well balanced diet, drink lots of water, and if you use tobacco.....QUIT! Now! NOTHING fucks with your skin more than tobacco. Keep at it and you'll get there.


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              Sounds like I really should have started this years ago. I remember being 17 and talking to someone online about it. My dad saw it and scolded me, told me that wasn't right and that I should never, ever think about it again. He basically made me feel like I was doing something bad by thinking about and wanting my foreskin back. It was never brought up again.
              Thankfully, I am not a smoker and never have been, so I guess I have that going for me. lol I am also into health, fitness and eating well. So no issues there either. Not really a drinker either.


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                Really? Your dad said that shit to you? Tell him to go get fucked when you flash your restored foreskin in his face!
                That's good you got all that going for you. Remember, don't over do it with tension. Start easy, your skin needs to get used to being stretched so you don't end up with permanent stretch marks or tears.
                Generally, no more than a pound of tension is needed, usually less. I'm only using 8 to 9 oz and that works great for me. Your optimum tension may be different. Experiment. Also breaks are important too so your skin can recover and for mitosis to happen. Tension is the trigger and growth happens after tension is removed for several days. I tug 5 days a week and take weekends off and every Monday when I go to put my device on I notice a little more skin growth.


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                  I'm in a similar boat as you. I'm roughly 6 inches flaccid and 7.25 erect. I was lucky to start with a CI-2.5 length when I got my TLC-X and I can honestly say it may pose a problem to get it on properly. It was tricky the first month until I got enough relaxed skin to fit it properly.

                  Just from my rough calculations since I started at CI-2.5, I estimate I will need about 2 years to fully restore. I'm 6 months in tomorrow. I'm sure those numbers won't fully equate to you, but it *could* give you an idea about the length of time you will need to complete it.

                  Btw, I also have a similar goal to reach CI-8. It sucks being large, but whatever, this grows skin for life and that's what matters. Good luck and KOT!