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  • Wolfie
    This is very interesting. I am wondering that because of my circumcision that I now have slight glans discoloration. I use to joke that I had a calico penis, now its not so funny.

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  • Allie2k14
    Update: Reviewing the google search that I mentioned, I found this page as one of the top 10 results:

    Pediatric Genitourinary Examination: A Clinician's Reference

    Filmy adhesions can be differentiated from a true skin bridge by observing which portion of the prepuce is adhered to the glans. If it is the inner prepuce that is attached at the glans, then the adhesion is most likely "filmy" and will break down with time, without intervention (see Figure 4). Although debatable, it is not recommended to forcefully break down filmy adhesions, especially while the child has significant telescoping of the shaft skin since the adhesions will most likely recur. On the other hand, if the adhesion is attached at the circumcision incision line, then the adhesion is most likely a skin bridge that will need to be surgically released under local anesthesia (Brown et al., 1997)
    See the attached picture, sourced from that document.

    Click image for larger version

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    So I guess you are right and I most probably had a second intervention to remove the bridge. At that early age, I guess the procedure left no special scarring, just the skin patch that remained on my glans but nothing else noticeable in the circumcision scar (the other extreme of the bridge).
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  • Allie2k14
    Thank you Ron,
    I was never given an explanation about the reason why I was cut, only that they "had to" do it.

    My theory has changed a little after reading your post:

    * Let's say I had phimosis, this is, the inability to fully retract my foreskin (as a toddler!). Solution: surgery.
    * They first tried to separate all the skin from the glans. There was a small patch of skin that they couldn't separate because it was really fused to the glans. Here I guess they didn't try to tear that patch away and leave a raw wound. They instead cut the skin around the patch, leaving it in place and separating the rest of the skin from the glans.
    * They then proceeded with the "normal" circumcision, probably with the Gomco clamp, judging by the "distinctive" brown ring scar that I got as a result.

    I understand your explanation. Suppose they forcibly tore away all adhesions between the glans and skin and left a raw wound. I understand that that raw wound can form a bridge with any tissue that is smooshed toward it. But I think this would have left me with a skin bridge like the first few on this google search. And I would have needed another surgery to remove the bridge. But I think this was not the case, luckily.

    See the attached pic of my head showing partial coverage and the skin patch.

    Anyway, it has no special sensitivity or appearance. It has just a different color and is slightly thicker than the surrounding glans skin.
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  • admin
    Originally posted by Allie2k14
    the reason for my circumcision was probably a skin adhesion, judging by a small skin patch that still remains fused to my glans
    Sorry to say, in my opinion it is more likely that skin bridging was caused by the circumcision. The process of cutting a toddler is very haphazard and starts with tearing away any of the remaining NORMAL and problematic adhesions between the glans and skin. The raw wound created on the glans surface often adheres to the skin that is smooshed toward it, and lay caregivers don't know how to spot or deal with the emeging problem as the wound heals.

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  • Allie2k14
    started a topic Hello, new on this forum

    Hello, new on this forum

    These following posts were made to the thread:
    Posted by: Allie2k14
    On: February 12th, 2014 00:49

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I thought I would introduce myself.
    I'm Jose, 38, from Spain.

    I was circumcised as a a child, maybe at age 1 or 2. I have a a distant memory of me being taken to the doc by my mum and being applied talcum powder to my glans. It's a vague memory but it was my glans what I remember being talked about.

    My parents never told me a word about it. Nor did I ask them.

    When I was 3 (pre-school days) I begun to notice the difference between my penis and the rest of my classmates' when, at school breaks, we all used to go to the bathroom all together to pee. The only cut kid was me. I'd better not talk about the laughs I had to withstand...

    I've been interested on foreskin restoration for some years. The Internet helped a lot on finding restoration information and other people's experience.

    About 10 years ago (2004) I started restoring using manual tugging, cross-taping and T-tapes, since a that time I was CI-1. My shaft looked like the CI-1 pictures at's CIchart page. The proportion was about 15%/85% inner/outer skin. My circ scar was an even circle around the shaft.

    I din't take it very seriously and after some months of light/sporadic tugging I abandoned it. Interestingly, the progress I made (maybe reached CI-2) remained over the years.

    A couple of months ago (2013), I decided to continue on and started again with manual tugging and T-tape. I ordered a TLC-tugger meanwhile.

    The device arrived and it's now my main restoriation method. I intend to keep posting and open a progress dirary. I'd like to share my progress and tugging experienge. Hope it helps/encourages someone.


    Edit: I'll discover later that the reason for my circumcision was probably a skin adhesion, judging by a small skin patch that still remains fused to my glans, colored like my outer skin. Anyway I still don't see the reason to surgically "resolve" a skin adhesion at this early age.
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