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    In 2005 I joined a restoration forum that somehow got moved or something I don't recall, but put up a dissertation length introduction. So I found this one (the old forum) about a year or two back--my intro was quite a bit shorter, but still pretty lengthily. Now, you all get the chance to hear the abridged version! Woop!

    Started restoring in 2001, though in all reality it could have been anywhere between 2001-2002. Anyway, I went to New Orleans and ventured into Second Skin Leather Shoppe. Amongst the shelves and cases of dildos, skin tight leather outfits, slings and whips; there, in the case, were these curious little devices. They were grouped together in sets: small, medium, large. One set was amber in color and the other three were black.

    Now I knew what cock rings, anal beads, clitoral stimulators, and all the little funky other things were and how they were used, but these little, penis-shaped devices; I had no clue. The curiosity got the best of me and I HAD to ask the clerk what they were.

    "Well, those are foreskin stretching devices"

    Seeing the dumfounded look on my face, he reached over to the bookshelf to his left and handed me "Decircumcision" by Gary M. Griffin.

    The clerk then proceeded to tell me how the devices worked:

    "...pull what is left of your skin onto the device and tape in place. The black set are weighted with ball bearings, the amber ones don't have any added weight."

    I bought the book and the amber Second Skin Devices and left.

    You see, I always wanted a foreskin. I admit, I didn't really know what a foreskin was till I was 15. Prior to 15, I didn't see penises thought every penis was like mine. I was really young (like 5 or 6) when I asked my dad why I looked different (he was uncut). Its kind of cheesy when I think about it but his answer was: "you are a little fry, and I'm a big fry". So, I just thought that one day I will grow up to be like that.

    I grew up outside of the US, and social nudity was generally frowned upon. So even after sports, there wasn't a whole lot of exhibitionism in the locker room. For crying out loud the school had private shower stalls and changing areas. When I was 15 I saw my first porn magazine. It was something out of Europe, and then...only then did I realize the extent of my loss.

    Having or wanting a foreskin wasn't on the top of my list of things to do. But after my visit to the little leather shop in New Orleans, I have been on a 10 plus year journey to accomplish that.

    Other devices I own:

    TLC Tugger (the original)
    CAT II Q
    Super Canister from Advanced Devices (my least favorite, think I threw it out after a month)

    My gallery should be open for all to view. What questions do you have for me!?