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  • Hi there!

    I have know about the bad stuff bout circumcision bout 2 and half years ago. I also have ventured back from the old forums too.

    I chose not to do devoted restore that time but I did made I retainer from aquarium sealant. Did some manual here and there after bad experiences with tape.

    Recently I got my TLC X and I am looking forward to get a bit more serius on my tugging routines. KOT !

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    I did a lot of manual tugging over several years and my glans are now able to be covered while erect. I want to continue to grow the foreskin to now lengthen the tube beyond the glans so, I too just bought a TLC-X. When I got it, I had planned to use just the rubber bands and the pusher. After playing with the thing for a day, I ordered two pulling straps, one for pulling up at night and one for pulling down during the day. I did this because while it seemed likely that I would grow skin on the inside near my glans, it didn't seem likely that the outer skin would grow unless you use the tugging as well as the pusher. The way I look at it, no harm, no foul so I ordered it. I was also having trouble keeping tension on the rubber bands likely because of the position of the thing. Ive tried letting it hang down and also horizontal to the side but each time after moving around a bit the skin managed to get loose and the tension on the rubber bands slacked. When I get the tugging straps, I am going to pretension the pusher and use the strap. I think that pulling on the TLC-X will not only keep my shaft in a good direction, but the force on the puller will help to keep the foreskin trapped under the collar. Hope you are finding your TLC-X to be useful.


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      Im using the tlc x on the the morning till afternoon. Im still experimenting different ways of using it. I got no problem on coverage since I can cover my glans fully when flaccid.

      I also have my frenulum intact which aches when I use the tlc spacers......The best setting I had which I discorvered literally an hour ago using the spring setup and straping it on my knee which was only comfortable for 3 hours. I used only gentle tension 200- 250 grams/8-9 oz which I measured using a portable electric lugguge weigher.


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        Can it be backed down to 4 oz. ?


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          Ive done that too...not working. Ill see what I can do. Its less than a week anyways. I am still a newbie on the tlc x